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Attending class, especially the first day of classes is critical to student success. Be certain to attend each class the first day it is scheduled. Go to the room listed on the invoice at the time and on the day the class is scheduled. Instructors begin taking attendance on the first day. This helps you to learn students names and to be certain that all students receive the information necessary to succeed in that class. you should learn the instructor s name, office number and office hours.

Attendance Policy

You are expected to attend all classes regularly and on time. Excessive absences* result in poor classroom performance, low grades and possible failure. The attendance policies of individual instructors will be made clear on the first day of class and will appear in the course outline. (Some instructors may calculate attendance and absenteeism into students final grade.)

*Instructors will check attendance for the first three weeks of the term (or 20 percent of shorter terms). If students do not attend during that time, they will be dropped from the class, financial aid will be adjusted and tuition and fees will be forfeited. Instructors will also report on attendance at the 60 percent date of the term for financial aid compliance. For more details, see Appendix A in the Appendices, in this catalog.

Attendance During Pregnancy

In accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, absences due to pregnancy or related conditions, including recovery from childbirth, shall be excused for as long as the absences are determined to be medically necessary. Students will be provided with the opportunity to make up any work missed as a result of such absences, if possible. The college may also offer the student alternatives to making up missed work, such as but not limited to, retaking a semester, taking part in online instruction, or allowing the student additional time in a program to continue at the same pace and finish at a later date. For more information or requests for accommodations, students should inform their instructor(s) and/or contact the Civil Rights Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator, at 412.237.4535 or

Religious Absences Accommodation

The Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) is committed to creating an inclusive campus community that values and respects all of its members and achieves educational excellence through diversity and nondiscrimination. As part of this commitment, the College makes good faith efforts to accommodate students religious practices or beliefs, unless such accommodation would create undue burden on other students or the College.

Religious Absences Accommodation Form