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Grades and Grade Point Average


Midterm grades will be available on CCAC Central e-Services during the ninth week of the term. Midterm grades are not a permanent record, but are intended to help students assess their progress in each class. These progress reports also provide students with a list of their registered classes.

If students receive a grade in a class they are not attending, students should report at once to the Registration and Advisement office to determine their registration status. Failure to do this could mean that a student will receive a failing grade in a class he/she never attended.

Final grades will be available online shortly after the term is over. This final grade becomes part of the permanent record at the college and will appear on the student's transcript when copies are sent to potential employers or other colleges at the student's request. If there is a problem with a grade, it is important that students contact their instructor immediately.

Grade Description

CCAC reports student performance using the following grading system:

A Superior
B Above Average
C Average
D Below Average
F Failure

These grades are used to calculate a student's grade point average (GPA). The GPA indicates academic standing at the Community College of Allegheny County. See Academic Standing Rules. (link to the Academic Standing page)

Calculating Grade Point Average

To calculate a student's grade point average (GPA), CCAC assigns grade points to each of a student's letter grades (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0) and these are then multiplied by the credits assigned to the class. Grade points are then added up for all classes completed in a term and divided by the total term credit hours completed. This result is the term GPA. Students can calculate their cumulative GPA by adding up the grade points for all the courses attended and dividing this number by the sum of credit hours completed. 


BIO-110 4 credits A 4x4=16 grade points
ENG-101 3 credits B 3x3= 9 grade points
MAT-102 3 credits A 3x4=12 grade points
PSY-101 3 credits C 3x2= 6 grade points

Total credits = 13

Tpta; grade points = 43

Total grade points are divided by the total credits to get the grade point average.

43 GP / 13 cr. = 3.31 GPA credential

Developmental courses are not calculated into the graduation GPA. Students must earn C grades or better in all developmental courses to register for the next course in the discipline or to use this course as a prerequisite for a course in another discipline.

Interpreting the Grade Report

In addition to grades A through F, other symbols that may appear on the grade record, but are not calculated into GPA are:

I (Incomplete). This means that a student has permission from an instructor to postpone the completion of required coursework for a period not to exceed eight weeks into the following term. If the work is not completed by this deadline, the I will become an F grade. Before an instructor can assign an I grade, the student and the instructor must complete a contract with a schedule for completing the required work. When this work is complete, the instructor will submit a final grade. Incompletes do not appear on the midterm grade report.

M (Military Call to Active Duty). An M grade is posted to the student transcript when a student has elected the withdrawal option Military Call to Active Duty.

L (Audit). This means that a student is attending the class on a nonacademic credit basis. A student must indicate this on the registration form when registering for the class. Students taking a course on an audit basis pay the same tuition and fees as the student taking the course for credit.

P (Passing). A few select college classes have been approved for grading on a pass/fail basis. There are no grade points assigned to a pass course. Failed grades will count in the calculation of a student's GPA.

W (Withdrawal). This means that a student has officially withdrawn from the course. Any actions or pending actions of academic misconduct may prohibit a student from withdrawing from a course. The deadline for an official withdrawal from a course is the ninth week of a 16-week term. Shorter terms have a prorated W date. After this deadline, the instructor must give the student a grade.

Changing an Incorrect Grade

Each student should check their final grades at the end of each term by using CCAC Central e-Services. If the student believes a grade is incorrect, the student needs to discuss this with the instructor. If the instructor agrees, he/she will submit a change of grade card to the appropriate academic dean for posting. Appeals related to grades always begin with the instructor. The academic dean can explain subsequent steps in the appeals process to the student. All disputed grades must be resolved within the first eight weeks of the next major term (Fall or Spring).

Auditing Courses

A student who shows reasonable academic ability may audit one course per term. There is no academic credit for audited courses, but a notation of L is entered on the student's transcript. Students must request audit status for that course at the time of registration. Standard rates of tuition and fees apply.