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Apprenticeship Programs at CCAC

The Local Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JATC) is an affiliated provider of education for the Community College of Allegheny County. We offer seven apprenticeship programs through the JATC:

  1. The CCAC Carpentry Apprenticeship Program located at 652 Ridge Road, Pittsburgh, PA; 412.262.1830.

  2. Electrical Construction Technology (ECT) Program (608.1) located at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 5 Hot Metal Street, Pittsburgh, PA; 412.432.1145.

  3. Heavy Equipment Operating (HEO) Engineers Apprenticeship Program (740) located at 457 Christopher Road, New Alexandria, PA 15670; 724.668.2244.

  4. Ironworker Apprenticeship Program (289.1) located at 2315 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh 15222; 412.471.4535.

  5. Plumber Apprenticeship Program (389.1) located at 1040 Montour West Industrial Park, Coraopolis, PA 15108; 724.695.9047.

  6. Sheet Metal Worker Apprenticeship Program (379 and 391.1) located at 1200 Gulf Lab Rd, Pittsburgh, PA; 412.828.1386.

  7. Stationary Operating Engineer (731.1)1 located at 300 Saline Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15207; 412.422.4702.

All lab fees and associated costs of the program are supported by the JATC. CCAC is able to support its mission of offering these programs through our affiliated partnership. These high demand programs within Pennsylvania would not be possible without the collaboration between CCAC and its Apprenticeship partners of the JATC. Outstanding labs, highly qualified faculty, tools, supplies and employment are provided to the students by the apprenticeship locations.

Candidates who are interested in the apprenticeship program must undergo a separate, competitive application process, much like our Allied Health and Nursing programs; and may receive information directly from the apprenticeship partners at the designated addresses above.

1There may be costs in this program depending on union membership.