Why Engineering?

The Engineering Science program equips students with a broad understanding of engineering science for transfer to a four-year institution. Students will analyze and interpret quantitative data using mathematical/scientific concepts in engineering applications and solve engineering equations through the use of content-specific tools, software and simulations. Graduates may then pursue a bachelor’s degree in any field of engineering. Graduates have the opportunity to enter careers with very strong earning potential.


Civil Engineering Technology, A.S. (400.3)

This program prepares students to support civil engineers, architects, consulting engineers and contractors in a variety of applications such as structural drafting and design, public works, construction, inspection, transportation, surveying and environmental engineering. Students learn sustainability technology, technical problem solving and material testing which enables them to pursue careers as civil engineering technicians, CAD drafters, construction materials testing, land surveyors and surveying technicians.

Engineering Science, A.S. (093.1)

This program prepares the student for transfer to a four-year institution by providing them with a broad college background and skill and knowledge in engineering science. Graduates may earn a Bachelor's degree in any field of engineering by transferring.

Engineering Technology, A.S. (094.2)

The Engineering technology program prepares students for transfer to four-year institutions. In this transfer program, students focus on engineering applications and implementation, utilizing algebraic and trigonometry-based mathematical concepts. Students may choose electives which will follow either civil, electrical or mechanical engineering technology subject areas. Students should seek approval of course choices from their transfer school.

Stationary Operating Engineer, A.S. (731.1)

This Associate's degree program enables students, especially those enrolled in the CCAC certificate for Stationary Operating Engineer, to continue with their education and complete the coursework needed for an Associate's degree. The program provides students with opportunity to acquire the skills needed for employment in jobs requiring multiple maintenance competencies, including electricity, plumbing and boilers.

Civil Engineering Technology, Certificate (277.2)

This program prepares students to design accurate and technically correct civil engineering drawings. Students learn the fundamentals of surveying, CAD drafting, site planning and development and green or sustainability technology, which enables them to pursue careers as civil CAD drafters and surveying technicians.

Green & Sustainable Building Design, Certificate (490.1)

This program prepares the student to work in the new green economy and to educate community members in resource conservation, alternative energy options and sustainable home design. This certificate is designed for both current building industry professionals and new home and business owners. Students are taught design and construction processes with the integration of sustainability from conception and planning to design, site selection and construction.

Stationary Operating Engineer, Certificate (730.1)

The certificate is a stationary engineer Local 95 supported training program that provides the lecture and hands-on training needed for employment as stationary operating engineers for both union and non-union students. The program provides students the opportunity to acquire the skills needed for employment in jobs requiring multiple maintenance competencies, including electricity, plumbing and boilers. These competencies will allow students with this certificate to obtain highly skilled maintenance positions in a variety of industries, office buildings, universities, hospitals, school districts, municipalities, stadiums and commercial/industrial facilities.

Technical Sales Engineer, Certificate (725)

The Sales Engineering Certificate prepares students for an entry-level position in sales engineering where graduates consult with customers to recommend technical products for specific applications. Students completing the program are able to leverage business acumen and technical knowledge to accurately recommend complex equipment, engage in post-sales support and provide written technical proposals and associated documentation.

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