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High School Students can Get a Head Start on College

By taking CCAC classes through one of the Dual Enrollment Programs while in high school, students can earn college credits that can be used toward a CCAC degree or as transfer credits for other colleges and universities upon completion of high school. The benefits for enrolling in Dual Enrollment courses include enabling students to:

  • Earn college credits that they can apply toward a college certificate, associate or bachelor's degree
  • Experience college coursework while building study habits and career skills
  • Receive the same high-quality instruction from expert faculty as all college students
  • Choose from a variety of college courses, like English, communications, math, biology, philosophy, theater or other courses that may not generally be offered at their high school
  • Take advantage of the college's student services, including: tutoring, student activities, use of the Math Cafes/Learning Commons and career services
  • Ease their transition from high school to college
  • Build a resume that will make their college and job applications more competitive
  • Reduce the total cost of a college education by taking courses at a reduced tuition.

Enrolling for Dual Enrollment Courses

Participation in the Dual Enrollment program requires:

  • Permission from the student's high school and from a parent/guardian
  • An appropriate high school GPA as determined by CCAC and the student's high school
  • Fulfillment of all CCAC program and/or course prerequisites
  • Completion of all forms and any placement tests required by CCAC

Note: Students need to submit a Dual Enrollment Application/Registration form and a high school transcript for each term.

CCAC offers Dual Enrollment classes in two formats:

1. Classes Offered in the High School/Career Technical Centers
CCAC offers college classes taught by high school faculty credentialed by CCAC to students approved for enrollment. There is a one-time matriculation fee plus tuition costs for one credit for courses taken during the normal high school day and taught by the high school faculty, or CCAC's regular course tuition and fees for courses taken after the normal school day or during the summer. A student should check with the high school counselor about whether any college courses are being offered at their high school. 
2. Classes Offered at CCAC Campuses/Centers
High school juniors and seniors with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher can enroll in courses offered at CCAC campuses and/or centers. There is a one-time matriculation fee plus CCAC's regular course tuition and fees.

Seven Easy Steps to Enroll

Students enrolled in either Dual Enrollment formats need to complete the following of enrollment steps:
  • Complete the online High School Dual Enrollment Program Application.
  • Sign and have a parent/guardian sign the form indicating approval to participate in Dual Enrollment.
  • Obtain the signature of a high school official, who may be a guidance counselor or administrator, indicating approval of the student's participation.
  • Have the high school official attach an official high school transcript.
  • Complete, if required, any placement tests to enroll for mathematics and/or English courses, or courses with mathematics/English stated prerequisites.
  • Meet with a CCAC academic advisor, if applicable, to select appropriate courses.
  • Submit, personally or through your high school official the application/registration form to the Admissions office on any campus.

After graduation from high school, students have three options to use their earned CCAC credits:

  • Enroll in a two-year CCAC associate degree or certificate program. Students can also use their college degree or certificate to enter directly into the workforce. The Dual Enrollment program provides students with a head start working in a number of fields.
  • Pursue a four-year degree by enrolling in a CCAC associate degree program. Students can then transfer to a four-year college or university. Recent studies show that students who complete their first two years of college at CCAC and then transfer those credits to complete a four-year degree save an average of $24,000 over public and $63,000 over private colleges and universities.
  • Pursue a four-year degree at any college or university. Students can use the credits gained through the program to transfer to any college or university. Some institutions where students have transferred credits include:
    • Allegheny College
    • American University
    • Brown University
    • Duke University
    • Harvard University
    • Howard University
    • Pennsylvania State System of Education Universities 
    • Point Park University
    • Princeton University
    • Robert Morris University
    • Stanford University
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • University of Pittsburgh
    • Yale University