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Academic Advising

CCAC provides academic advising services to new and returning students. Once new students have applied to the College, submitted high school and college transcripts (if applicable) and taken any necessary placement tests, new students will meet with an academic advisor. Students are encouraged to work with academic advisors throughout their educational experience at CCAC.

NOTICE: During the suspension of on-campus instruction due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Registration/Advising services will be available remotely. All are welcome to take advantage of Virtual Advising to meet online with an academic advisor to discuss your academic plan or register for classes.

Schedule an Appointment with an Advisor

Click here to schedule advising appointments online.

CCAC provides academic advising services at each of the four campuses throughout the week. Most of the Advisement Centers prefer that students make appointments, especially after 4:00 p.m. so advisors may prepare for the student. However, in the two weeks before and during the first week of the term, advisors see students on a first come basis.

Campuses   Centers  
Allegheny Campus 412.237.2744 Braddock Hills Center 412.271.0201
Boyce Campus 724.325.6739 Homewood Brushton Center 412.371.1600
North Campus 412.369.3740 Washington County Center 724.223.1012
South Campus 412.469.6238 West Hills Center 412.788.7500

Benefits include reduced time waiting in line, 24/7 access and increased ease of use. The College Centers also provide academic advising but their hours may be more limited, and the College recommends that students call ahead.

The Advisement Process

At the first meeting, the advisor will review the student's application for admission, placement test scores and transcripts from previous institutions.

During this meeting, the advisor will determine the student's educational background, discuss the student's educational goals and plan how the College can help the student to achieve these goals in the shortest possible time.

The advisor will explain the placement test results and what they mean to the student's future studies. In some cases, the advisor may recommend that the student re-test in a subject area.

The academic advisor will help the student to develop an educational plan that may include defining a career or identifying a four-year college or university for transfer. For students who are not yet focused on either a career or transfer school, the advisor can recommend other college services.

The academic advisor will explain the requirements of the program the student has chosen. This may be a transfer program that leads to a four-year degree at a transfer school. Or the program may be more career directed and prepare the student for employment right after graduation.

Graduation Checksheets for most CCAC academic programs can be printed. The academic advisor will explain advanced standing practices and can help the student to receive credit from coursework taken at another institution, from the military or through AP examinations.

Academic advisors are available throughout the year to help students with events that occur further along in the term. For example, a student may need to change a class during the first week of the term, discuss his or her academic progress, change his or her program, investigate possible credit through CLEP, follow-up on transfer credit, plan for future terms or apply for graduation.