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CCAC North Campus

North Campus is located in McCandless, 12 miles north of Pittsburgh occupying one easily accessible 150,000 square foot facility. The campus houses an Innovation Lab for our Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Multimedia Programming, Simulation and Gaming programs, a Virtual Reality lab, veteran's lounge, cafeteria, math caf (free math help), free tutoring, and learning commons (more free tutoring assistance!).

Additionally, the campus provides a privacy room for students needing quiet space for spiritual or medical reasons. Our library, not only boasting an expansive digital library, and video library, has become a go-to student study home for both quiet and collaborative learning spaces. We also provide a Health Fit center and a gymnasium, with basketball court, for students to work out stress during their free time. Our caf offers fresh, gluten-free and innovative food offerings along with the standard pizza and hoagie requests.

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CCAC Students Talk About North Campus

Take a look at what CCAC North Campus students have to say about CCAC. This video was created by CCAC work study students with help from the North Campus Student Ambassadors. Come to CCAC and see what you can get out of a great education!

What makes North Campus unique?

  • We have six high earning in-demand programs that you can only take at North Campus: Tourism Management, American Sign Language, Interpreting, Multimedia Programming, Simulation and Gaming, Web Programming and DataAnalytics.
  • We offer 5 programs for learning support students: Environmental Services, Janitorial, Food Service, Health Care, Indoor/Outdoor Building Maintenance and Nursing Assistant.
  • There are about 1,700 students each semester at North.
  • About half of our students are transfer students planning to attend 4 year schools.
  • We have a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) mentoring system where we assign you to one person who can help navigate all of our processes and answer any questions that you may have.
  • We have fantastic work study job program for our students from helping with our social media, website, student ambassador program to working in our health fit center and library.
  • Our average class size is 16. All of our classes, labs and services are housed in one large building. We have over 17 clubs and organizations to help keep you busy and involved!

Why choose North Campus?

  • I chose CCAC North because it was close and affordable. I could also go while I was in high school and the teachers were so friendly and helpful! –Sara P. (Criminal Justice & Homeland Security)
  • Because we have award winning sport teams: Bowling is 7th in the nation!
  • Because we have 18 different clubs to join including the Nursing Club!
  • CCAC North is ten minutes from my house and it’s more cost effective for me to start here and transfer to Slippery Rock for degree completion. –Heather E. (General Studies)
  • Contained in one building, we are accessible for students with physical challenges.
  • Going to CCAC North helped me save a lot of money. –Max S. (Computer Science)
  • Because we have fun student activities that lead to Student Success = graduation!
  • Because we have the “lunch bunch” a place that welcomes new students to lunch!
  • Because civic responsibility is important to us.
  • I choose CCAC North to see what the college experience was like. I fell in love with college and CCAC North! –Lyndsey S. (Administrative Assistance)
  • Because we bring therapy pets to campus at stressful times!
  • I chose CCAC North because it was close and affordable. I could also go while I was in high school and the teachers were so friendly and helpful! –Sara P. (Criminal Justice & Homeland Security)