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Social and Racial Justice

Dear CCAC Community,

Over the past week, our nation has been left reeling as a result of the tragic and senseless death of George Floyd. This is a difficult time in the history of our country, and the combination of grief, anger and despair so many of us are experiencing is both understandable and palpable. CCAC has a long history of supporting social and racial justice efforts, and as president, I applaud all individuals who have taken a stand to peacefully voice their desire for positive change—both here in the U.S. and around the world.

During this challenging time, I want to strongly reaffirm CCAC’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and the dignity of all individuals. Our institution has the great privilege of educating and supporting the largest diverse student population in the region. A significant component of CCAC’s vision is predicated on honoring and embracing diversity by creating a welcoming, inclusive college culture that respects individual differences and values the unique experiences and perspectives of all students, faculty and staff.

We need to recognize that institutions of higher education have a great responsibility in creating and sustaining inclusive and safe environments where members can learn and work without the fear of discrimination and inequality. Consequently, it is every community member’s responsibility to promote, embrace and support diversity and inclusion. We must all continue to work together and support one another in these efforts.

I encourage you to reach out to the college’s campus services for support. Counseling services and the Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion are available to assist students. For employees, the Employee Assistance Program is a valuable resource. Although there are many uncertain days ahead for our nation, there is one thing that remains steadfast—CCAC’s commitment to ensuring all members of our community have the chance to realize their greatest potential.

Dr. Quintin Bullock
Community College of Allegheny County