Placement Testing Information and Process

It takes 48 business hours for the registration to process.

The placement tests allows us to place you into the classes that are right for you! These tests are not an entrance exam, but a way to ensure that you are taking the classes you need to be successful in your college courses!

These tests are free for you to take and you will complete them online. Accuplacer is our testing partner that administers our Math and Reading tests. Please note, students are also required to complete the English Self Directed Placement Questionnaire. The links to register for Math and Reading tests are under the REGISTER FOR THE TEST section below. The link to the English Self-Directed Placement Questionnaire is directly below that section, as well. Unless you have an exemption, you must take the Math and Reading Placement Test and English Self-Directed Placement Questionnaire.

There is not a set date or time to take these tests and the questionnaire. However, taking them sooner will allow you to register for classes sooner!



Before You Register

Complete the Application

Make sure you have completed your CCAC Admission's Application.

Check the Exemptions

Check to see if you are exempt for taking the placement test.

Do You Qualify for an Accommodation

If you are student with a disability or have limited computer resources, view the testing accommodations.

Review the Placement Test Online Guide

Review the guide for taking the placement test online. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step process for registering, taking the placement tests and steps after the testing.

If American English is not your native language, you need to submit recent - less than one year old - official TOEFL, IELTS, SAT or ACT scores to Ms. Dinah Marcinik at [email protected].

If you do not have official test scores or they are not conclusive, you will schedule a one-hour appointment with Ms. Marcinik to take the EAL Placement Test on Zoom to place you in EAL / ESL classes or English Composition.

If you do not have a good phone or computer, or you do not have a good internet connection, you can take the EAL Placement test on campus. Please email Ms. Marcinik at [email protected] for more information.


Register for Each Test Individually


Placement Test Practice

Accuplacer has a wonderful website to help you prepare for you CCAC placement test. It has been shown that students who practice score better on their tests. Visit the Accuplacer Practice Test site or check out some of the links below.

Unless you are otherwise exempted from one or more placement test, you should be prepared to take the following (each test title is a link to sample questions):

Accuplacer Next Generation Arithmetic

CCAC Elementary Algebra

Accuplacer Next Generation Advanced Algebra

Note: When you take the Math placement test, you will start with Arithmetic or Elementary Algebra, depending on the level of your prior studies. No student will start with Advanced Algebra, but may advance to that test based on other test results.

If you are taking math placement test(s), it is strongly recommended that you also practice at the following:



English Self-Directed Placement Questionnaire

All students must also complete the English Self Directed Placement Questionnaire.

How does the English Self-Directed Placement questionnaire work?
This questionnaire is NOT a test, but a tool to help you learn about the CCAC English courses and decide which one is right for you.

When you begin the questionnaire, you will complete two sets of questions. After completing Section Two, you will review courses and student profiles for the three introductory English courses options: ENG 090, ENG 101L, and ENG 101.

Based on what you have learn about the course options and how they match your own writing skills, you will be able to choose the English course that best suits your skills and abilities.

Click here to access the directed self-placement questionnaire



After Taking the Test

You will receive an email regarding math and another email regarding reading when the Accuplacer test scores are available to our advisors. If you have to take both tests, make sure you have received both emails confirming our advisors can see the scores. Additionally, you will also need to complete English Self Directed placement testing BEFORE contacting advising. Once each of these steps are complete, you are ready to meet with an academic advisor to discuss your education plan and register for classes. Then you will need to complete online student orientation.