• Fee Descriptions

    Capital Fee
    The Capital Fee is assessed only to non-Allegheny County residents to support the cost of facilities and deferred maintenance.

    College Fee
    The college fee is used for programming and activities related to:  Clubs and Organizations, Cultural and Personal Development, Publications and Media, Personal and Physical Fitness and Intercollegiate Athletics. For further information, please contact your campus Student Life Office.

    Credit-by-Examination Fee
    This fee covers the expense of preparing and administering departmental examinations for students who have prior knowledge in an academic discipline. The Credit-by-Examination fee is the cost of one academic credit at the current tuition rate and is paid before the student takes the examination.

    Online Learning Fee
    The Online Learning fee (OL) covers Blackboard Course Management System costs, license agreements and service contracts required to offer OL courses.

    Graduation Fee
    The graduation fee* helps to defray the cost of the commencement exercises, the cost of certifying graduates and the cost of the Community College of Allegheny County diploma. Students applying for two or more credentials in the same term pay a single graduation fee for that term. Students who fail to complete their degree requirements in that term will not be charged the fee again if they apply for the same degree (discipline) in a subsequent term. If the student applies for another degree (different discipline) in a subsequent term, CCAC will charge the graduation fee. The fee does not cover the cost of the student's cap and gown.

    *Students who only want the academic credential (AA, AS, AAS, certificate or diploma) posted to their CCAC transcript are not required to pay the $20.00 fee, but will not receive a diploma and may not participate in the commencement exercises. All students must apply for graduation even if they don't elect to receive a diploma or participate in the commencement exercises.

    Health Careers Course Fee
    The cost of providing health career classes is significantly more than the cost of providing a general classroom lecture course because health program courses have clinical and/or laboratory components requiring much lower student/faculty ratios and expensive laboratory equipment and supplies.

    Laboratory Fee
    This is a fee attached to most science, art, technology and health courses to defray some of the exceptional cost of providing the laboratory experiences associated with these courses. The specific rates are determined by the content of the course. Click here for Lab Fees effective 18FA

    Late Payment Fee
    A $15.00 Late Payment Fee will be assessed to any student account not meeting financial clearance (i.e. payment in full, enrollment in the tuition payment plan, financial aid coverage, or third party sponsorship) by the published tuition due date each semester. 

    Additionally, a monthly Late Payment Fee will be charged to ANY account balance due at the time of assessment that is not covered by a payment plan, financial aid, or third party sponsorship.

    Matriculation Fee
    This is a non-refundable fee assessed to students upon their first enrollment at the college.  This fee is used to maintain student records.

    NCLEX Fee
    This fee enables the student to participate in the required live NCLEX review at the end of the NRN-205 and NUR-250 courses. The review takes place over several days. The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) test must be passed to obtain a nursing license.

    Official Transcript Fee
    This fee covers the expense of producing official transcripts on security paper and the cost of mailing the transcripts.

    Student Service Fee
    This fee is to help ensure that students have supplemental support to complete their education.

    Technology Fee
    This fee recognizes that many CCAC courses are supported by technology whether it is personal computers in writing classrooms and multimedia classes, medical technology in health classes or equipment for video-conferenced classes. This fee supports technology across the CCAC curriculum.