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CCAC Family Campaign

What is the Family Campaign?Family campaign image, two students.

Each year, the CCAC Educational Foundation leads an annual faculty and staff campaign to raise funds for institutional initiatives, scholarships and the college's area of great need. This year is a continuation of last year’s celebration of CCAC’s 50th Anniversary and the college’s goal to endow 50 new scholarships. Your gift of any size to the 2017 Family Campaign can help your campus achieve its goal of endowing a scholarship, or increasing the amount of an endowed scholarship.

Why should I give?

Students are the reason we are all here at CCAC, but sometimes they need a little extra assistance. The CCAC Educational Foundation exists to provide scholarship and loan programs to our students, and to seek private grant support for college projects. The Foundation has even been able to fund several projects in recent years that benefit CCAC employees and, in turn, our students.

How will my gift be used?

You have the opportunity to select where you want your gift to be used, and 100% of that gift will be allocated to the fund you select. If you choose to support your campus endowed scholarship, your gift will support a scholarship that will exist in perpetuity.

How do I participate?

You can make a one-time gift by submitting a check or by using our online donation site, or you can contribute throughout the year through payroll deduction by completing a Family Campaign Pledge Card.The CCAC Educational Foundation is also able to accept appreciated securities and memorial or honorary gifts.

Why is my participation important?

More foundations than ever evaluate the percentage of employee giving when considering CCAC grant requests. Internal giving also affirms the value you place upon CCAC, and serves as a pipeline for external donations from alumni and friends of the college.

How will my participation help?

No matter the size, each and every gift helps build the future of the college and our students. Make your donation count and support the Family Campaign.

For more information, please call the CCAC Educational Foundation at 412.237.6514.

Select an amount from the chart below and contribute through payroll deduction. 

Total Pledge Amount Monthly Deduction Bi-Weekly Deduction
$25 $2.08 $1.04
$50 $4.17 $2.08
$100 $8.33 $4.17
$250 $20.83 $10.41
$500 $41.67 $20.83
$1,000 $83.33 $41.67 


What area to support at CCACCCAC Family Campaign group of supporters

Family Campaign donors are encouraged to celebrate the college’s 50th Anniversary with a donation to an endowed scholarship on their campus. While gifts to the campus endowed scholarship are encouraged, all donations to any area within the college are very much welcome. 

All Campuses

Greatest Need

Students are the reason we are all here at CCAC and sometimes they need a little extra assistance that is preventing them from continuing their education. Unrestricted funds are applied to the area of greatest need and may provide scholarship and loan programs to our students. Through donations to this area, the foundation has been able to fund several projects in recent years that benefit CCAC employees and, in turn, our students.

General Scholarships

Although the CCAC Educational Foundation is able to offer a variety of scholarships to students each semester, named and endowed scholarships are often directed to students within certain majors and who meet specified criteria. The General Scholarship Fund provides scholarship funds to students who are in dire need of funds or who may be encountering personal circumstances that are preventing them from continuing their education. 


The CCAC Educational Foundation always welcomes faculty and staff to support an area of the college that is of personal interest. While gifts to existing funds are always encouraged, there are some parameters surrounding donations to funds that do not currently exist. Any questions surrounding the direction of gifts can be directed to the CCAC Educational Foundation at 412.237.6514.