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Participation in the Honors Program

HON Leadership North IIHonors-Designated Courses

The Honors Program offers engaging and unique courses for Honors students. Most are scheduled as web-enhanced or as hybrid courses-60 percent face-to-face and 40 percent on Blackboard. Honors courses typically include enrichment experiences as demonstrated by the following: two-day trip to Gettysburg, Fallingwater, Heinz History Center, Andy Warhol Museum, Stephen Foster Memorial, performances, lectures, outside speakers, etc.

Honors courses can be taken only by qualifying students and enrollment is limited to 18. Honors courses are designated in the course catalog with an H next to the course name, such as HIS-229H, Contemporary US History.

Honors Program students not fully funded by another source receive partial tuition reimbursement for Honors-designated courses after successful completion of the course, earning a C or better and completing Honors requirements. 

Honors Student

Honors Contract Option

The Honors-by-contract option allows students to earn Honors credit in a course of their choosing. Students will create the Honors contract by collaborating with their professors in the creation of an Honors project, which sparks the students' interests and provides academic enrichment and challenge to the existing course. The Honors contract form may be found on the Honors Blackboard site. Honors students and their faculty mentors complete an Honors contract, which details the specifications and scope of the Honors project. After successfully completing an Honors contract in a course, an H will appear after the designation for that course on the student's transcript, for example ENG101H.

Honors students picnicAfter successfully fulfilling the Honors contract, students earn Honors designation and Honors credit(s) for the courses. For instance, if a student completed an Honors contract in PSY-101, he or she would earn three (3) Honors credits. The student's transcript will designate any course taken as an Honors-by-contract course with an H, signifying Honors credit: PSY-101H. No Honors designation is given in courses in which the student fails to earn a B or better for the Honors contract project and a C or better in the course in which the contract is completed. The maximum number of credits that can be earned by completing an Honors contract is three credits, even if the Honors contract is completed in a course with four or more credits.