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Honors Study Abroad Program

Honors Program students can earn Honors credits while participating in study abroad.  Every other January, CCAC Honors offers an eleven-day study abroad experience in India.  Three Honors courses prepare students for the excursion abroad: Comparative Politics and Culture between the United States and India, Honoring the Community through Service, and Art, Architecture and Material Artifacts. Apart from appreciating art and architecture of various historical sites and monuments, students engage in close interactions with local people through service with local NGO’s and partake in religious ceremonies and local celebrations.

 “The community service that I was able to offer was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Your support for our trip allowed me to see people overcoming adversities that I myself couldn’t even imagine, and I will forever be thankful for that.”
- Brandy Teprag 


“The more time I spend in India, the more I realize that I assume that other cultures will work to understand me, instead of vice versa. It makes me realize that my window on the world has a very comfortable window seat.”
- Grace Aquilina
Grace Aquilina


"Because of your generous actions, we were able to accomplish our goals in India. While there, we expanded our knowledge of India's incredibly rich culture, its historical architecture, and met with non-governmental organizations to further our understanding of service leadership."
- Marci Demaio
Marci Demaio


"Immersing myself in such  a giving and kind culture is  unforgettable. Seeing the  way others live was so eye  opening. The experiences I  gained in India have left me  deeply humbled, and I am  forever changed.”
- Melanie Kostopolos

Melanie Kostopolos