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Guidelines for New Students: a Tech Timeline

To begin your academic journey at CCAC, you first need to apply at Discover CCAC. Once you have completed your application and registered for courses, you will have a wide array of technological services available to you, from your academic email account to free applications you can install on your home computer.

Your key to the use of these tech tools is your CCAC username - CCAC Username for Network Identification - the network account that gives you access to computers on campus, to the student portal, to Blackboard and to much more. For these and a variety of other reasons, it's important to get your CCAC username set up as soon as you can. Please follow this simple timeline to set up your account.

1. Apply for Admission 

Contact Admissions Office for answers to questions about this stage.

The first step is to apply for admission at You will be asked to create an account at the beginning of the application procedure. This account is not the CCAC username. Your Discover account will enable you to submit your application and to schedule placement tests. But it is not the account you will use to access your academic email or log onto computers on campus when you are actively taking classes at CCAC.

The username for your Discover account will be an email address you supply. If you forget the email address you used to set up your Discover account, the Admissions Department can help you. To schedule placement tests, click Events.

(Note: if you have applied for Financial Aid, you will have limited CCAC Username availability after you have completed this first step.)

2. Register

Contact the Registration Office for answers to questions about this stage.

The next step, after you've taken the placement test, is to register. To register for your first semester at CCAC, you will need to meet with an advisor. This usually takes place on a campus, but under certain circumstances exceptions can be made. For details, review the registration procedures. If you are a first-time visiting student (a student enrolled at another college), be sure to review the information for visiting students.

For security reasons, if you request a CCAC Account password reset through email or chat, we will use our Zoom video tool to virtually connect with you to verify your identity. Contact the ITS ServiceDesk at 412.237.8700.

3. Create CCAC Username

Contact the ITS ServiceDesk at 412.237.8700 for answers to questions about this stage.

After you've registered for a course at CCAC, you will be able to create your CCAC username, and to unlock the technological tools available to you at CCAC.

  • Visit CCAC Account Self-Service to create the account.
  • When your name is displayed, check it carefully. If you see any misspellings or mistakes, stop and contact the ServiceDesk right away.
  • Keep your student ID number in a safe place where you can access it.

Upon creating your CCAC username, you should be able to log into computers on the CCAC network. You will also have access to MyCCAC (, where you will be able to view your financial and registration information. If you are not able to access MyCCAC after you've created your CCAC username, please contact the ITS ServiceDesk. Your academic email account will be available to you one hour after the CCAC usernameis created.

Blackboard accounts are created separately, but they will use the same credentials for authentication. Blackboard accounts are typically created approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of a course utilizing Blackboard. Online courses will generally be on Blackboard. However, if your course meets on a campus, it's up to your instructor as to whether he or she wants to use Blackboard. So it's possible that your course will not be one that uses Blackboard; and if it isn't, you will not have a Blackboard account. They're created only for students who need them.

4. Maintain Your CCAC username

For the sake of information security, CCAC account passwords are good for 180 days only. This means you will need to change your password regularly. You can change it or reset it (even if you've forgotten it) at CCAC Username Self Service. If you are not able to change your password at CCAC Account Self-Service, please call the ServiceDesk at 412.237.8700. For security reasons, we cannot reset passwords by email or by chat.