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CCAC ITS ServiceDesk

Call the ITS ServiceDesk with technology questions and problems. When you call or email the CCAC ServiceDesk, the analyst will log your issue into the ServiceDesk software, create a ServiceDesk "ticket" and assign you a ticket number. This ticket is used to track your problem to its resolution. If the agent cannot solve your problem immediately on the phone, the ticket will be assigned to a technician at your campus or an analyst/engineer. The ServiceDesk software allows your problem, via the ServiceDesk ticket, to be tracked through each phase of the resolution process.

Please have your Student or Employee ID number when you call (where do I find my Student ID?)

Contacting the CCAC ServiceDesk


Chat: ServiceDesk Chat 

When emailing us or leaving a voicemail, please be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name and your Student/Employee ID number
  • Your area code and phone number
  • A detailed description of the problem
  • The times you are available for us to contact you
  • The steps you have already taken to resolve the problem

If you are on campus, please include:

  • Your campus
  • Your building/wing and room
  • Your computer number/printer name

NOTE: Password change requests made through chat or email may be accommodated through our Zoom video tool to virtually connect with you to verify your identity. Please use the NetID Account Management program or call by phone to request a password reset.

Subscribe to the Helpdesk Alerts Mailing List

For unscheduled outages and unexpected problems, you can receive notification of these intermittent problems by subscribing to our ServiceDeskAlerts mailing list. To subscribe, go to the ServiceDeskAlerts web page and enter your information under the header "Subscribe to ServiceDeskAlerts." You will then receive an email asking you to re-visit the web page to "Confirm your subscription." Your membership in the list will not be complete until you do this task.

ServiceDesk: What we Support

The ITS ServiceDesk will provide support for the technology categories listed below. If you are using a technology product not included here, we may make a "best effort" to answer questions but cannot commit to full resolution or fulfilling your request. Contact the ServiceDesk for:

  • Student accounts
  • Blackboard
  • CCAC Central e-Services
  • Academic email
  • Handheld devices
  • Internet browsers
  • Library
  • Network
  • Office 2013 & Office 2016
  • Virus and security
  • Web Applications
  • Webspace
  • Windows OS

What ServiceDesk Does Not Support

The ITS ServiceDesk does not provide support for the following.

  • Home computers or personal laptops or PCs; ITS staff cannot work on laptops nor give advice on fixing hardware and software problems on personal computers.
  • Extended assistance with homework assignments; Students will be referred to Tutoring Services or their instructor.
  • Hardware and software that is outside CCAC standards.
  • Third-party software not maintained by the college; ie, Jobs at CCAC, SmarThinking, textbook publishers software, etc.