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Mentorship Opportunities

Bridge the Gap to Your Future

Vibrant Pittsburgh iconVibrant Pittsburgh’s mission is to build a thriving and inclusive Pittsburgh region by attracting, retaining and elevating a diversity of talent.  CCAC’s Workforce & Job Readiness department is committed to helping students connect with these resources in our region.

Vibrant Pittsburgh’s CAMP Diversity Mentoring program is the region's very first diversity-focused mentorship program. Through this program, students can connect with professionals across Allegheny County to help with a resume, building/growing a professional network, career readiness, internship opportunities, interview preparation, and more. Pittsburgh is a big city with a small town feel - here, networking is key to bridging the gap to your future and Vibrant Pittsburgh is here to help you make those connections. 

Information on each of the panelists (potential Mentors) from the “Bridge the Gap to Your Future” session on December 3, 2020 is available here “CCAC Event Mentor Bios

Interested? Now is the perfect time to connect with your first mentor and become a CAMP Mentee!  
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Student Video Guide To the Mentorship Platform: 

3 Cups of Coffee GRAD

Are you a student or grad of CCAC? Are you seeking job and networking opportunities in the Pittsburgh region? 3 Cups of Coffee GRAD is a professional mentoring program that is FREE for all CCAC students and alumni, perfect for anyone seeking employment.

3 Cups of Coffee GRAD will match you with a mentor in your desired career field for 3 meetings. You can learn how to target your resume, strengthen your interview skills, and get your foot in the door of your industry in Pittsburgh.

Register for 3 Cups of Coffee GRAD

Contact Mary Saula, Program Specialist, at or 412.745.8501 to learn more and get involved.

3 Cups of Coffee Step by Step Guide