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Contact the Office of the Bursar

The Office of the Bursar and Student Account representatives provide information to students about the financial aspects of a student’s enrollment at CCAC. 

While conforming to all appropriate federal, state, and local governing agencies, our team stands ready to assist students in understanding their financial responsibility associated with their enrollment at CCAC.  This not only includes responding to questions that students raise, but also posting charges and updates to student accounts, issuing student refunds, setting up payment plans, processing payments, and collecting of past due accounts.

Feel free to contact us during regular business hours for assistance.  Please note that due to federal privacy laws, if you are not the account holder you must be authorized by the student via a signed FERPA release form in order for a representative to discuss a private student financial account. 

Office of the Bursar

Visit a campus Student Accounts office for in-person assistance. 

Allegheny Campus  412.237.4641 SSC 150
 Boyce Campus  724.325.6689 S 572
 North Campus  412.369.3670 1006 B
 South Campus  412.469.6250 B 327
 West Hills Center  412.788.7505 1500