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Open Records Office

Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Law provides a mechanism through which members of the public can access public records from governmental agencies. The following provides details on how to submit a request for public records under the RTKL to CCAC:

  • How: Requests must be in writing via either hard-copy or email. Download the standard request form or request one through the Open Records office, 412.237.4413.
  • What: Requests for information must be specific as to the record(s) desired. You do not have to give a reason for the request.
  • Who: Requests must be submitted to the following:*
    CCAC Open Records Officer
    Byers Hall, Office of the President
    800 Ridge Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15233
    Fax: 412.237.4420
  • When: A response to the request will be issued within five business days from the time it is received by the Open Records Officer.
  • How much: You may be charged duplication and postage fees in keeping with standards set by the Office of Open Records. Prepayment may be required if fees are expected to exceed $100.
  • Where: For more information about the new Right to Know Law, visit