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Mid-Semester Classes at CCAC

Mid-semester classes are a great way to get a jump on your education. Whether you were late to register or just need a greater challenge, you can find the right class to suit your needs. See the schedule below for classes at a campus near you. Classes start in late September and in October and November.

For more detailed course descriptions or program information, please visit the CCAC Online Catalog.

Ways to register:

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Internet Course?


Accounting (ACC)  ACC-100 Introduction to Accounting  Internet Allegheny     
  ACC-104 Financial Accounting    Allegheny     
Allied Health (ALH)  ALH-106 Basic Life Support   Boyce Braddock Hills Center South
Art History & Studio Art (ART) ART-106 Art Appreciation Internet      
Automotive Technology (ATE) ATE-006 Auto Emission Test - ATE 106   West Hills Center    
  ATE-008 State Inspection Test   West Hills Center    
  ATE-106 Emission Inspector Certification   West Hills Center    
  ATE-108 State Inspection Certification   West Hills Center    
Business (BUS) BUS-101 Introduction to Business Internet      
  BUS-103 Principles of Management   Allegheny West Hills Center  
  BUS-104 Principles of Marketing Internet      
Computer Info Technology (CIT) CIT-100 Computer Fundamentals & Applications Internet Allegheny    
  CIT-120 Networking   Boyce    
  CIT-175 Cyberspace Vulnerabilities and Risks   North    
  CIT-181 Principles of Information Security   Boyce    
  CIT-186 Intrusion Detection and Prevention   North    
  CIT-205 Help Desk and User Support   Homewood-Brushton Center    
  CIT-600 Introduction to Windows   Allegheny South  
  CIT-601 Introduction to Internet Research   South    
  CIT-602 Presentation Graphics: Powerpoint Internet      
Criminal Justice & Criminology (CJC) CJC-124 Juvenile Justice & Juvenile Delinquency   West Hills Center    
Developmental Studies (DVS) DVS-070 College Reading 1   West Hills Center    
Early Education & Child Dev (ECD) ECD-202 Children With Special Needs Internet      
Economics (ECO) ECO-103 Principles of Microeconomics Internet      
Education (EDU) EDU-130 Behavioral Mgt in the Classroom   North    
  EDU-155 Humor in the Classroom   North    
English Writing & Literature (ENG) ENG-101 English Composition 1   North West Hills Center Internet
  ENG-102 English Composition 2   North Internet  
    ENG-102     South   Internet  
History (HIS) HIS-102 Western Civilization Since 1500 Internet      
  HIS-222 Pittsburgh;Past,Present/ Future   Allegheny    
Mathematics (MAT) MAT-080 Arithmetic Fundamentals   North    
  MAT-090 Algebra Fundamentals   West Hills Center    
  MAT-110 Mathematics for Elementary Education 2   Allegheny North  
  MAT-111 College Algebra Internet      
  MAT-161 Elementary Statistics Internet      
Music Theory & Practice (MUS) MUS-101 Introduction to Music   South    
Paralegal Program (PAL) PAL-105 Family Law   Allegheny    
  PAL-135 Employee Benefits   Allegheny    
  PAL-201 Advanced Legal Research/Writing   Allegheny    
Philosophy (PHL) Introduction to Philosophy   South    
  PHL-205 Medical Ethics and Law Internet      
Plumbing Technology (PLT) PLT-101 Plumbing Skills 1   West Hills Center    
  PLT-102 Plumbing Measuring and Calculating   West Hills Center    
  PLT-106 Plumbing Blueprint Reading   West Hills Center    
Political Science (POL) POL-101 Intro to Political Science   Allegheny    
Psychology (PSY) PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology   Allegheny North West Hills Center
  PSY-108 Human Growth and Development   Allegheny North Internet
  PSY-115 Stress Management   Allegheny    
  PSY-116 Organizational Psychology   North West Hills Center  
  PSY-202 Social Psychology   West Hills Center    
Social Work (SOW) SOW-150 Cultural Competence/Diverse Populations   Internet    
Sociology (SOC) SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology Internet Allegheny Boyce North
  SOC-117 Understanding Chemical Dependency Internet      
Speech (SPH) SPH-101 Oral Communication Internet Boyce West Hills Center  
Student Development Services (SDS) SDS-101 Career Planning Internet Homewood Brushton Center    
  SDS-102 Academic & Personal Development   Allegheny Boyce  
Theatre (THE) THE-101 Introduction to Theatre Internet      
Tourism Management (TRV) TRV-103 Destntns Geog 1: US, Canada, Mexico   North    
  TRV-224 Events, Meetings & Convention Services Internet