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The Biology program equips students with a broad understanding of biology for transfer to four-year institutions. Students will delve into the fundamental principles of biology, including applying the principles of the scientific method; communicating effectively using scientific terminology; and critically analyzing the implications and consequences of the field of biology. Graduates may then pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology or a related field.

CCAC’s Biotechnology certificate program is designed for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in the sciences and want to expand their background in biotechnology. The curriculum includes courses in biology and chemistry, with emphasis on molecular biology and the biotechnology industry. Career opportunities include laboratory and research technicians.

The Biotechnology degree program provides training for those who do not already have a degree in the sciences and who are interested in pursuing laboratory-based careers, including those in the biotechnology industry and medical or academic research. Graduates may work as laboratory assistants, manufacturing technicians and quality control technicians.

Graduates have the opportunity to enter careers with strong earning potential.

Biology Programs at CCAC


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