• Registering for Classes

    Find out everything you need to know to register for a credit class at CCAC-whether you are a new student, returning adult, lifelong learner, busy professional, dual-enrollment high school student, international student or someone interested in online learning.

    The following information applies to credit students. Non-credit students will find registration information in Community Education and Workforce Solutions.

    For students visiting from another college, there is a separate admissions and registration process.

    Note that, as an open-admissions college, CCAC does not require college entrance examinations, nor is there a set deadline for admission to the college. However, we strongly advise that you complete the application process at least one month prior to the beginning of each semester.

    Registration Form

  • Enrollment Services Office Hours

    Admissions · Registration · Advising · Financial Aid · Student Accounts

    Make sure you get the classes you want. Courses fill quickly and offerings are limited. All offices are open to serve you at the times listed below.

    All 4 Campuses Standard Enrollment Service Hours  Sunday
    Second Saturday of each month  
    Labor Day observance: September 3, 2018 CCAC offices closed
    Thanksgiving observance: November 22-23, 2018 CCAC offices closed
    Winter break: December 24, 2018 – January 1, 2019 CCAC offices closed

    For enrollment service hours at the college centers, call the center where you plan to complete the registration process. Please refer to the telephone numbers below. Online registration through CCAC Central e-Services is available until the start of the semester. You can also drop classes online (before the start date listed on your schedule) by visiting ccaccentral.ccac.edu.

  • Who do I call?

    For further information, contact the appropriate office at one of the campus locations below.


     Allegheny Campus Boyce Campus North Campus South Campus
    Phone 412.237.2511 724.325.6614 412.369.3600 412.469.4301
    OfficeSSC 120   B-344

    Registration - Records 

     Allegheny Campus    Boyce CampusNorth Campus South Campus
    OfficeSSC 120S5581004BB340

    Payment - Student Accounts

     Allegheny Campus Boyce Campus North Campus South Campus
    OfficeSSC 150S5721006BB327


     Allegheny Campus Boyce Campus North Campus South Campus
    OfficeSSC 120S5581004B340

    Financial Aid

     Allegheny Campus Boyce Campus North Campus South Campus
    OfficeSSC 140S5651003B308