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CCAC Safety and Security

The Community College of Allegheny County consists of four main campuses and several centers and satellite sites. Each campus (Allegheny, Boyce, North and South) has a Director of Safety and Security who is also a sworn police officer as recognized by the Office of the Governor of the State of Pennsylvania and governed by the Office of the State Secretary of Education. These directors are charged with all the duties and responsibilities pertaining to campus safety and security and report to the Executive Director of Emergency Management/Safety & Security. The safety and security of the campus community (students, faculty, staff and visitors) is a priority issue at CCAC.

The majority of safety and security patrol and service is provided by a contracted guard service with on-site supervisors who work under the auspices of the campus Director of Safety and Security. The contracted guards are not police officers but do serve a vital function in the safety and security of the campus community.

Below are links that will provide you with specific information concerning some of the policies, services and practices of CCAC with respect to safety and security at our campuses, centers and sites. Additional information can be obtained from the campus the Directors of Safety and Security, the Civil Rights Compliance Officer or the Vice President for Compliance and Legal Affairs.

2019 Annual Security Report

General information/phone numbers
Emergency/severe weather notifications
Personal injury reporting
Safety/security hints
Parking enforcemnt/parking permits
Escort services
Emergency notification testing
Emergency response policy
Emergency Evacuation Procedures & Quick Reference Guides
Megan's Law, Sex Offenses & Offenders
Antihazing Regulation
CCAC Antihazing Report

Safety and Security Executive Committee

College President
Assistant to the President & Board of Trustees
V.P. Chief Facilities Officer
Executive Director of Emergency Management and College Safety & Security
Campus President, Allegheny North Campus, West Hills, EIC, and Homewood Brushton Center
Director of Safety &Security, Allegheny Campus and Homewood Brushton Center
Director of Safety & Security, North Campus, West Hills, and EIC
Campus President, South, Boyce, Braddock Hills Center, and Washington County Cente
Director of Safety & Security, South Campus, Braddock Hills Center, and Washington County Center
Director of Safety & Security, Boyce Campus