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Personal Injury Reporting

CCAC constantly strives to maintain the safety of the college community and visitors. All members of the faculty, staff and security are continuously vigilant in their observations of the physical environs of the campuses, centers and satellite sites. Students and visitors are also encouraged to report hazardous or potentially hazardous situations by whatever convenient means available to Security or the Administration. Such incidents would include obstructions, spills, icy/slippery conditions, snow build-up, lighting issues, etc.

In the event that any member of the campus community (or visitor) suffers a personal injury while on campus, at a center or satellite or anywhere while engaged in a college approved activity or on college business it is important that the injury be reported immediately to Security and in a timely manner to one or more of the following; an instructor, a member of the Administration, a supervisor, or the campus Business Office. There are specific forms that must be completed to ensure prompt attention and resolution by the college's insurers.

Even if the injury seems minor at the time the incident should be reported to protect the individual should something develop over time that is attributable to the injury.

If an individual is incapacitated or otherwise unable to report the incident others aware of the incident are encouraged to report to Security or the Administration.