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Safety and Security Hints

The campuses, centers and satellites of CCAC have historically been a safe and secure environment for education and learning. Even with a combination of urban and suburban settings the incidents of concern remain relatively small yet personal awareness is always encouraged. The following are some hints that can ensure a continued success in this combined endeavor by the CCAC college community:

  • If you drive, don't leave valuables in plain view and always lock your doors.
  • Don't leave valuables unattended. Take them with you or ask someone to watch them for you.
  • Keep purses, bags, back-packs, closed when not in use. Don't hang purses on the backs of chairs. Don't keep valuables in outside pockets of back-packs. Keep track of your books, especially during buy-back period (when most thefts occur).
  • Leave credit cards at home unless you know you will need them. Never keep PIN numbers or password information with credit, bank or other account cards.
  • Car pool. Take classes with friends / acquaintances. Travel in groups when possible.
  • Be aware of others around you, inside and out. If you are uncomfortable with your surroundings, leave, back-track, etc. until you feel secure. If needed, ask for an escort from Security or someone you feel safe with.
  • Carry car keys in hand on way to vehicle. This gets you in faster and you can lock your door. Carry personal communicator as well, if practical.
  • Know where the exits are in case of evacuation order or building alarm. Follow audible instructions. Go to the closest exit, not the one nearest your car.
  • Lastly, if you think a situation is potentially dangerous, it probably is. Follow your instincts and seek assistance.