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Intramural Activities

COVID-19 Update

As we continue to monitor the Novel 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19), our first priority remains the health, and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. We appreciate your  patience and understanding during this rapidly evolving situation.

Based on recommendations from the PA Department of Health, the CDC, and other guidance, WE ARE FOCUSING ON PERSONAL FITNESS . Please contact Intramural  coordinators by emailing Student Life & Engagement.

Stay safe and healthy, we are here to help you.

Personal health and fitness are two key Wild Cat values, but if you are not quite ready to make the plunge into varsity sports and want more accountability than individual workouts at the fitness center offer, then take advantage of the vast selection of campus intramural sports and activities. Intramurals are coordinated by both Student Life & Engagement and students - if you can dream it, we can play it.

Currently, we run regular Open Gym basketball competitions, 3-point shoot-outs, and dodgeball. In the past, we’ve also run full tennis, volleyball, and soccer intramural teams that compete against one another in round-robin and tournament style settings. These are perfect ways to practice your teamwork and coordination in community. Have an idea and a team for an
intramural sport you’d like to play? Let us know and we’ll help you set it up.

When you think of Intramural Activities, you may not immediately think of the more niche offerings we provide - keep your eyes peeled for our 30 Weird Activities series. In addition to more standard team sports, you may find yourself engaged in competitive Oreo Stacking, miniature golf, coin toss, or Connect 4! Throughout the semester, you’ll happen across these
events in the hallways. Take a moment to stop by (we promise not to notice if one of your Oreos goes missing).

Looking for other ways to participate in Intramural Activities? We also offer a few contests throughout the semester suitable for all levels of activity and personal fitness. When Fall Football season or March Madness come around, we’ll hold predicting contests. Be sure to join in, it’s free and you may win some cool CCAC gear!

Interested in getting involved? Check out the schedule or contact Intramural Coordinators by
emailing Student Life & Engagement.