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Be Inclusive

Diversity and Inclusion

At CCAC, we expect, and support, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in our programs, policies, activities, and community involvement. Diversity represents all the ways in which we differ from one another. It also represents the unique aspects of one another that we can learn about and celebrate. Inclusion means that we value our differences as strengths and learn from one another to contribute to a rich and welcoming college environment.

In Student Life & Engagement, we have a responsibility to create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming of all students, and we ask that involved students strive for the same. In addition, Student Life & Engagement staff play a vital role in helping students gain an understanding and appreciation of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our department, and the college, is united in the condemnation of acts of hatred and intolerance.

Everyone is responsible for fostering an environment of inclusion and respect that contributes to academic and extracurricular excellence and success. We pledge our commitment to support the success of all community members and our efforts will value the diverse voices and perspectives to make our college and community stronger.

The 5 CCAC Commitments to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  1. A Commitment to Care
  2. A Commitment to Serve the Whole Community with a Focus on Social Justice
  3. A Commitment to Build a Culture of Equity on Campus
  4. A Commitment to Identify and Dismantle Campus Structures that Breed Disparities, and then Redesign the College for Equity
  5. A Commitment to Fund What Matters Most