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Student Newspaper

The Voice


THE VOICE is the student newspaper at the Community College of Allegheny County, available both online and in print.

The publication provides a professional journalism experience while striving for excellence, completeness, accuracy, and high integrity; the organization shall produce a nonpartisan publication providing responsible, objective, and fair coverage of items of interest and importance to the college and its community.

The publication combines efforts from students at all the college’s eight campuses and centers. Content is produced by students and not approved by CCAC or its administration. Content, including quotes, represent the opinion of the source, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Voice, its staff, or CCAC.

The Voice is always seeking students to volunteer to write for news, campus activities, sports, movie reviews, and more! Students can also join as photographers, illustrators, advertising representatives, and more! Contact your Student Life office for more information.


Click here to visit "The Voice" online.