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CCAC Student Services

CCAC is committed to supporting your personal and academic efforts. No matter which of the four CCAC campuses you choose, services and resources are available to help you achieve your goals.

As part of our commitment to supporting student achievement, we offer a variety of services and resources. Career counseling and Career services offer students an opportunity to learn about themselves and their career-related and academic goals. Transfer Services helps students plan a smooth transition to a transfer college. CCAC's personal and academic counseling staff helps students cope with situations and set goals. CCAC also believes in facilitating learning and eliminating obstacles through programs such as our various tutoring services.

CCAC Guide to Student Services

Guide to Student Services

Find all the important information you need inside the CCAC Guide to Student Services: Registration and Advisement, Managing Finances & Paying for College, Student Resources, Specialized Services, Academic Support, College Life & Campus Amenities, Safety & Security and Campus & Center Locations. Read the Student Guide >

Roadmap to Your Destination

Roadmap to Your Destination 

Roadmap to Your Destination is a clear pathway to graduation, detailing the steps to completion in logical sequence and directing students to engage in specific tasks at key times. It focuses on what most students need to do to stay on track by offering two goal-driven paths -- Career and Transfer. Support services vary for the two routes, and Roadmap clearly illustrates what to do at each milestone.

What road will you take?