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Virtual Campus Courses

Internet Courses

Internet courses require the use of a computer with Internet access, a CCAC provided email account and other computer hardware and software

Generally, all teaching and learning takes place via the Internet. Students interact with the instructor and classmates through a course website. Learning activities and assignments are completed according to the instructions and schedule posted by the instructor. Some instructors required students to take their exams at CCAC testing sites or with an approved proctor. Please check with the instructor for this information.

Students taking Internet courses must have access to a computer with an Internet connection. Students must also be computer literate and be comfortable using software, email and performing other activities on the Internet. Some courses have specific technical requirements or indicate that students must own specific software packages to take the course. Students should inquire about what is needed before registering for the course.

Hybrid Courses

Formerly called Web-Enhanced Courses, these courses require computer skills and Internet access, a CCAC provided email account and other hardware and software. Hybrid courses combine a percentage of classroom attendance at one of CCAC's campuses or centers with online learning and collaboration.

Hybrid courses combine traditional classroom instruction with online collaboration and learning. Students attend class at a CCAC campus or college center on a regular but less frequent schedule (60% minimum of standard class time + final exam time + class breaks if the class exceeds 100 minutes at one time). The balance of course time is dedicated to self-directed and scheduled online collaboration and learning activities such as email, threaded discussion and chat.


Telecourses require access to a television and a DVD player, as well as a permanent telephone number and mailing address.

Telecourses are video-based courses delivered via DVDs. Telecourses are compete and integrated instructional systems that generally include DVDs, a textbook, a study guide and other instructional materials. Students learn through watching DVDs, rather than attending on-campus lectures. Students watch the videotaped programs and complete learning activities and assignments according to the instructions and schedule provided by the instructor.

Students must have access to a television and a DVD player. Communicating with the instructor is essential; therefore, students must have a telephone number and permanent address where they can be reached.

Please note: Taking course exams with a proctor at either the CCAC testing site or a non-CCAC testing site is a requirement of some OL classes. Other OL classes may require you to take exams online using a computer.