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Business Presentation and Writing Skills

Leadership Team Development


Customized Course Content for Employee Training                                                                                                   
-     Virtual or in-person options     
-     One or both content areas
-     Unique guidance tailored to your organization’s needs                                           

Presentation Skills
-     Gain confidence, authority, and presentation tools and techniques
Business Writing
-     Improve your team’s business writing skills.
-     Making the Leap: Transitioning from Peer to Supervisor - Build the skills to be an effective manager.
-     Teambuilding Skills for Managers - Learn how to build a productive team.
Team Building
-     Developing a Growth Mindset - Learn to embrace innovation, change, and resiliency by adopting a growth mindset. 

Understanding Behavioral Styles in the Workplace
With this training, you will complete a DiSC (a personal assessment tool) assessment prior to the workshop. We will discuss the results and their significance for your workplace relationships. Learn how to relate more effectively with people from each of the four styles in the DiSC model.

Personal development
-     Stress Less - Learn how to better manage & regulate your own stress level  
-     Get and Stay Organized with Better Time Management - Learn how to organize your time in order to meet your professional and personal goals – without adding hours to your day.

About our Instructors:
Ms. Sewchok:
Has a background in both the arts and education.  She obtained her master’s degree in Adult Learning and Training, focusing specifically on combining these skill sets to effectively utilize the concepts of creative development and apply them to different business and life skills
Kathi Finch:
Principal of Finch Communication Solutions, LLC, has more than 14 years of marketing and communications, group training, and individual coaching experience. Her areas of expertise include public speaking, team building and conflict resolution, and interpersonal and business communications.

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