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Leadership Styles Accelerator Online Course

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Leadership Styles Accelerator will reveal the top ten dynamic styles of leadership to help you become a great leader.
Climbing the Ladder

You will learn: 

  • Powerful time-tested leadership practices that will make you stand out among other leaders.
  • Why learning and developing many leadership styles will arm you with the power to positively influence and motivate anyone under your command.
  • How to become more proficient and masterful at using and learning multiple leadership styles.
  • When to implement a particular leadership style and match it with the appropriate situation.
  • How to inspire and motivate people in your business, organization, and community to get measurable results.

Stacked Books
In just 14 days, you will show more confidence, have greater influence, and grow more fully in your own leadership journey.

This self-paced professional leadership development course is designed for current and aspiring leaders.

Contact: or 412-788-7357 for additional information

New, on-line sessions begin monthly. Click the course number to register.

August: XZM-842-5101    September: XZM-842-5102

October: XZM-842-5103

About the Instructor:
Dave Loshelder is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, DISC Certified Trainer and Culture Change and Engagement Specialist. Dave consults and develops process improvement projects and change leadership initiatives.  He lectures to corporations, associations, and universities about personal achievement and leadership.  Dave is also the author of three books: The MindCoach System, Take Care of #1 and Protect Yourself.  He received his B.A. from Pennsylvania State University and M.S. at Duquesne University.