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Community Training and Development

There are thousands of men, women and children in our region who, with the proper support and training, can be vital members of our society. The Community College of Allegheny County is deeply committed to educating all members of society, regardless of intellect, mental health, physical disability, lifestyle or socio-economic status.

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The CCAC Community Training and Development programs are the hub of that education. The programs provides job training and teaches life skills to those who can benefit from this support in order to better socialize, care for themselves and contribute to society. We provide skills training for those who take care of this special population and we make sure that the elderly have the proper programs to enjoy and take care of their affairs.

With our support, these men and women can become chefs, computer programmers and landscapers. We help them reach their potential as active family members, social group leaders and best friends.

We open doors to a better quality of life.
The student body of CCAC's Community Training and Development/Human Services Division includes:

  • MH/MR care providers
  • Members of the MH/MR community and their families
  • Senior citizens
  • The physically disabled
  • Those in alternative lifestyles
  • Nonprofit and social service professionals
  • Volunteers
  • Single mothers

Look around. We're out of the classroom

We bring our slate of more than 500 programs into nearly all of our region's neighborhoods. We're in church basements, at Kane Regional Centers, libraries, schools, senior citizen centers and bowling alleys. We teach in greenhouses and police academy kitchens and we'll even give a lesson or two at a fast-food restaurant.

Why it works

More than 25,000 men, women and children throughout western Pennsylvania benefit from our division's programs annually.

  • We offer flexible programming to meet the needs of our students
  • We provide affordable-and many times free-programs, thanks to private, local, state and federal funding
  • We have low student-to-staff ratios in key programs where individual attention is critical
  • We go above and beyond to make sure our students get the attention and knowledge they deserve

Our instructors

All instructors are expert in the subject matter in which they are hired to teach. MOST ALL instructors have at least a Master Degree in the field of Human Services, Education and/or in their field of expertise. All instructors have many years of experience and "hands-on" training in the Human, Social and/or Health Related Services. We are proud and excited to have a diverse, varied and knowledgeable list of instructors working for the CCAC Community Training and Development/Human Services Division.