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We can prepare you and your staff for nearly every rescue situation. Our two primary courses, basic vehicle rescue and basic rescue practices, explore automobile extraction as well as a host of other scenarios.

PSI Training & Education Partnership (TEP)
CCAC PSI announces a Training & Education Partnership (TEP) pay-as-you-go program for emergency services agencies in western Pennsylvania with an annual maximum cost of training for qualifying members. Fees are program-based for the required minimum number of students per course. The courses listed below are a sample of the programs offered:

Confined Space
Students will learn a plan of operation, tools, manpower, and manipulation skills required to perform safe removal of patients from limited space confinements. Emphasis is placed on safety and psychological effects of confined space rescue. Students will participate in team rescue scenarios. PREREQUISITES: Basic Rope Rescue, Respiratory Protection or equivalents AND 18 years old.

Students in this course will be introduced to the various types of rope and related rescue equipment. They will be trained in the tying of various knots and hitches used in rope rescue, basic rappelling techniques, tie-offs, self-rescue, basic litter tie-ins, and litter handling techniques. PREREQUISITE: Students must be 18 years of age on the first day of class.

This course will introduce the student to the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively perform complex rescue operations in collapsed trench excavations. Course work will include practical drills and demonstration in simulated trench excavations.

Structure Fire
This course will instruct the student in methods of rescue of patients from buildings under fire conditions. Safe operations will be emphasized during drills under fire conditions.
PREREQUISITE: Essentials Of Fire Fighting

Structural Collapse I & II
These courses will familiarize you with operations at the scene of a structural collapse. You will be prepared to effectively participate and lead the rescue efforts during an incident.

Elevators pose a daily hazard to an emergency responder and their improper use has resulted in rescuer fatalities. While the stuck elevator may seem like a minor call, the danger it poses is real. This course will introduce you to safe and effective procedures for elevator emergencies.

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