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Training and Education Partnership

CCAC PSI offers a Training & Education Partnership (TEP) pay-as-you-go program for emergency services agencies in western Pennsylvania with an annual maximum cost of training for qualifying members. Fees are program-based (per the CCAC Fire & Rescue Course Fee Catalog) for the required minimum number of students per course.

Pennsylvania-based departments or agencies are eligible to be a TEP member. Partners pay the established course fees for the training that is utilized, up to a maximum of $800 on a calendar year basis as per the TEP Terms & Conditions. Once a TEP member organization reaches the threshold, there is no additional charge for training that the member partakes in for the rest of the calendar year.

Customized courses (contract training) are also available and the fee is negotiated and established on a per course basis.

To Get Started

Agencies initiate the membership process in any given calendar year by making a training course request by completing the PA State Fire Academy Local Level Course Application and sending it to

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