About Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs & Sponsored Research (OSPR) works to facilitate the procurement of external funding through federal, state, and local government grants. As the official college representative and contact in the grant procurement process, the department is a valuable source of information for faculty and staff interested in seeking outside funding.

The office assists with pre-award, post-award, contract, and compliance for external funding projects.

Act 101

The Act 101 program is a state-funded support grant program with a mission to help academically and financially qualified Pennsylvania students succeed in college; persist to graduation or transfer to a four-year institution. Act 101 provides various academic services and opportunities to help students develop their academic abilities and enrich their academic experience while successfully completing their post-secondary studies.

Act 101 Students are eligible for the following benefits:

  • PA State Resident
  • 200% of the Poverty Level
  • Enrolled in 6 or More Credits
  • Are or Have (Any of the Below):
    • Tested into a Developmental Class (MAT 80, MAT 90, ENG 90, DVS 60, DVS 70, DVS 101, DVS 103)
    • ESOL/ESL (English is Not Your First Language)
    • Been Out of Academics 3+ Years
    • A GPA Below 2.0
    • Received a GED

  • Access to Act 101 Success Coach
  • Access to the Act 101 Textbook Lending Library
  • Assistance in Developing and Improving Academic Skills
  • Access to Study Skills/ Academic Workshops
  • Usage of Act 101 Study Area
  • Assistance with Navigating the College System

Act 101 Contacts

Darlene Meadows


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If you meet the eligibility requirements as listed above, apply for ACT 101 now to receive a wide variety of benefits.

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Keys Program

KEYS is a Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) program designed to help TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as Food Stamps) recipients succeed in community college.

If you are a CCAC student who receives TANF or SNAP benefits, you may qualify to participate in the KEYS program at CCAC.

To learn about, apply for, or renew human services benefits (including TANF and SNAP) online, visit the PA Compass website.

To learn more about KEYS, please see our brochure.

KEYS Student Support Specialists will work with you and the County Assistance Office (CAO) to see if you may be eligible* for help with:

  • Child care funds
  • Transportation costs (bus passes, mileage, and repairs)
  • Books and school or training supplies

KEYS Student Support Specialists will also connect you to:

  • FREE CCAC support services including counseling, academic support, tutoring, and career counseling
  • Connections to other community service agencies
  • And more! depending on federal/state regulations and funding

* Eligibility is determined by the CAO.

  • Attend scheduled appointments with your Student Support Specialist
  • Submit weekly attendance sheets
  • Meet hours requirements

Current or prospective CCAC students who are receiving TANF or SNAP benefits (or think they may be eligible) should contact the KEYS Coordinator at 412.237.2672 or [email protected].

If you are currently receiving TANF or SNAP, you may also contact your CAO caseworker about a referral to KEYS.


Perkins Career & Technical Education Grant

The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V) provides CCAC with federal funding for student support staff, instructional equipment and professional development for faculty and staff. The goals of the Perkins Grant are to help Career & Technical Education students earn better grades, remain in school, and graduate with an Associate Degree or Certificate as well as the skills necessary to pursue employment in current or emerging high priority technical professions, while supporting gender equity across all career pathways.

In fiscal year 2022-2023, the Community College of Allegheny County will receive $1,207,208 in federal Perkins Grant funding.

CCAC has over 120 Career & Technical Education programs designed for students to immediately join the workforce upon graduation. These programs include a wide variety of allied health programs, Nursing, skilled trades, union apprenticeships, Culinary Arts, Criminal Justice, Accounting and many more. A complete list of CCAC's CTE programs can be viewed here.

Instructional Equipment

Over the past three years, CCAC has used Perkins Grant funding for more than $1 million in educational supplies in academic programs that promise strong industry growth and family-sustaining wages. Equipment purchases including:

  • Over $100,000 in equipment for Nursing, including simulators, pumps, hospital beds and defibrillators
  • Over $550,000 in ultrasound equipment the Digital Medical Sonography program
  • Nearly $25,000 in stenography equipment for the Court Reports program
  • A $5,700 3-D printer for the Multimedia Program
  • Over $90,000 for ventilators and related equipment for the Respiratory Therapy program
  • $43,000 for a Fanuc robot for Electronic Engineering Technology
  • Over $10,000 for supplies for Disability Resources and Services

Professional Development

Over the past three years, CCAC has used Perkins Grant funds to provide professional development opportunities to staff, students and faculty, including:

  • Workshops for Nursing students
  • Seminars for female students on non-traditional occupations
  • Staff and faculty attendance at state and national conferences such as Integrated Learning Conference, the National Summit on Education Equity, Association of Career & Technical Educations' Vision Conference and the National Career Pathways Conference

CCAC's Perkins Grant staff have created credit transfer agreements that allow well-qualified graduates of Career and Technical high schools to earn college credit for the work completed in high school. More local agreements will be coming on line during the course of Academic Year 22/23.

View the Perkins Grant Credit Transfer Agreements

Perkins Grant funding has enabled CCAC to invest in labor market research tools for students and counselors, including Career Coach, a software program available to students to aid in their job search and career exploration; data includes available openings in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region, wage trends and academic programs at CCAC that provide the necessary credentials for entry-level positions. College counselors can administer the Kuder Journey career assessment tests to help students choose a career path.

Due to federal grant guidelines, the Perkins Grant staff members cannot assist students with developmental coursework. Furthermore, the Perkins Grant does not provide funds directly to students, but instead funds a variety of programs designed to help Career & Technical Education students succeed.

Perkins Grant Contact

Beth E. Ison


Awards List

Each year CCAC receives several awards to help fund the school. The awarded sponsored program list includes new Funding projects. CCAC's reoccurring sponsored programs such as KEYS, Act 101, and Perkins are not listed.

For additional information on our sponsored programs, please email [email protected].

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