About Orientation

Understanding and finding all that is available to you as a new or returning CCAC student can be daunting. Orientation is a necessary part of your initial experience at CCAC. The staff at all campuses is always available to assist you; however, Orientation is a terrific introduction to the services and activities to jump start your educational success.


Student Orientation

This Orientation is essential for your success here at CCAC and is a step in the enrollment process. You will be introduced to all of the services and activities available to you as a new or returning student. Orientation is available to you online 24/7 to conveniently accomplish before classes begin.

Complete Orientation

Wild Cat Welcome Week

Wild Cat Welcome Week is for enrolled students who have completed the required online orientation and who are registered for classes. This in-person event will familiarize you with the campuses, CCAC resources, and provide the opportunity to start meeting your fellow students.

We look forward to meeting you!

Welcome Week Dates - Fall 2023:
Tuesday, August 15th at Boyce Campus
Wednesday, August 16th at North Campus
Thursday, August 17th at South Campus
Friday, August 18th at Allegheny Campus

Students are required to register for Wild Cat Welcome Week using the Engage link below.