About Graduation

Walking at graduation to receive your degree or certificate will be one of the best times of your life. Reaching your goal will require persistence in following your program, monitoring your progress, and meeting the requirements for graduation. For most programs, successful completion of a program includes:

  • Completing the minimum credits required for graduation
  • Attaining a minimum institutional grade point average (GPA) of 2.0; institutional GPA does not include grade points from developmental classes or transfer credits
  • Completing the required courses, restricted and general electives prescribed by the program

Make sure you are on track for graduation by viewing My Progress in Student Planning to measure your progress in your assigned program or another proposed program and meeting with an academic advisor to plan your courses for future terms.

If you are not sure whether you are ready to graduate, please meet with an academic advisor to discuss your degree audit.

Graduation regalia has arrived and is available on the bookstore website or in person at the Allegheny campus bookstore. Order online and ship for free to Boyce, South, & North stores for pickup. Learn more by clicking below!

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Commencement is Thursday, May 16, 2024!

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Graduation Timeline

Apply online in Self-Service on the Graduation Overview pane, choosing the term you expect to graduate. There is no fee for the graduation application. See Instructions for Graduation Overview.

Summer - July 30
Fall - November 30
Spring - March 30 (to ensure your name will be included in the Commencement program)
Spring - April 30 (if not attending ceremony)

Apply online in Self-Service on the Graduation Overview pane, choosing the term you expect to graduate. There is no fee for the graduation application. See Instructions for Graduation Overview.

Summer - June through July
Fall - September through December
Spring - January through April

Celebrate your outstanding achievement with your fellow graduates at Commencement, held annually in May. This includes graduates from the previous August/December graduation and students eligible to graduate in May and the following August.

Commencement Day

At the end of the term AFTER GRADES ARE VERIFIED, the Regional Directors of Registration will review the final degree audit and certify your credential if requirements are complete.

Summer - After Final Grades; through first week of September
Fall - After Final Grades; through first week of January
Spring - After Final Grades; through first week of June

Incomplete Requirements?

Requirements may not be complete if you failed to complete your last semester courses, or other requirements are missing. If requirements are not complete, you will receive an email from the Registration Office and will be encouraged to meet with an advisor to adjust your academic plan.

Graduates: Once all graduation certifications are complete (3 weeks after final grade posting), the Registrar's office will send you an email asking you to confirm diploma name and mailing address.

Summer - Early September
Fall - Early January
Spring - Early June

Diplomas will be mailed to the address listed on your graduation application, approximately 6 weeks after the commencement date.


Need to Order Transcripts, Replacement Diploma, or Verify Degree?

Transcripts and Degree Verification

Student Regalia

Pricing: $43 (includes cap, gown and tassel)

  • Student regalia will be available at all CCAC Bookstore locations starting March 18th
  • Student regalia will be available online at www.CCACShop.com for shipping to your home.

Book Store Hours:

  • May 13 - May 15 all stores: 9AM- 4PM
  • Thursday May 16
    • Allegheny Campus: 9AM - 12PM
    • North Campus: 9AM - 12PM
    • South Campus: 9AM - 12PM
    • Boyce Campus: 9AM - 12PM


Some students may be eligible to receive cords to be worn with their cap and gown for the commencement ceremony based upon their affiliation with a specific program or office.  If you have participated in or are affiliated with:

Faculty Regalia

  1. Faculty/Staff/Administration deadline to submit orders to the bookstore is Friday, March 15th
  2. Faculty/Staff/Administration - please submit order information to Allegheny bookstore Manager.
    • Allegheny Campus: Lisa Knochel (1316mgr@follett.com)
    • After the order comes in, the order will be shipped to their home campus for pickup or made available at Allegheny, whichever is preferred.
  3. The information needed that faculty/staff/administration will need to provide to the bookstore is as follows:
    • First and Last Name
    • Phone and Email
    • Gender
    • Degree ( Associate, Bachelor, Master, Specialist, Doctor)
    • Height and Weight
    • Cap Size
    • Field of Study (No Abbreviations)
    • Full School Name (No Abbreviations)
    • School City and School State School State (2 Letter Abbreviation)
    • Pickup: Which Store Location? Allegheny, North, Boyce, South


Commencement Day

Thursday, May 16, 2024

  • Doors open at 4:30 p.m. (no storage is available, please limit personal possessions).
  • Event parking is available in the lots across from Acrisure Stadium; Parking is also available on Allegheny Campus which is a short walk to the stadium.
  • Graduates will enter through Gate B and must be robed and lined up for the procession by 6:30p.m.
  • Guests and Family will enter through the Fed Ex Great Hall.
  • This is a non-ticketed event; Students may invite an unlimited number of family and friends to witness this special occasion.
  • Umbrellas and non-clear bags are permitted for this private event at Acrisure Stadium.
  • Upon arrival College and Acrisure staff will provide guidance and assistance.
  • The college bookstore will be available for regalia purchases and other items.
  • A concession stand will be available for food purchase (Credit card only, NO cash).
  • All graduates are advised to wear lightweight clothing beneath their gowns.
  • All graduates are advised to wear comfortable footwear appropriate for the ceremony.
  • Athletic shoes are not considered appropriate.
  • Graduates are strongly advised to wear low-heeled shoes to prevent trips or falls.
  • The Commencement Ceremony will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. and conclude at approximately 9:00 p.m.


Academic Procession

Commencement marshals will assist you in lining up for the processional and direct you to your seat. Please remain standing for the processional and the National Anthem. We request that all caps be removed during the National Anthem.

Presentation of Graduates

Assisted by Commencement marshals, graduates will be directed to and from the stage at the appropriate times.

You will provide your name card to the announcer and shake hands with the college president, the chair of the Board of Trustees and other stage party members.

You will be presented with a diploma case (your actual diploma will be provided at a later date; you will be notified when it is available).

Conferring of Degrees & Certificates

At the appropriate time, you will be asked to rise for the conferring of degrees and certificates. You will then be prompted to move your tassel from the right to the left side of your cap to designate your graduate status.


When the recessional begins, please remain seated until all members of the stage party leave the stadium. At that point, the ceremony will conclude and graduates will exit up the stairs from the seating sections to the FedEx Great Hall.

Your cooperation with these general guidelines/instructions will enable everyone to enjoy this special occasion. We congratulate you upon your pending graduation!