About The Center for Education, Innovation & Training

Opening for classes in January 2024, the new 60,000-square-foot Center for Education, Innovation & Training (CEIT) represents the college's long-standing commitment to preparing the region's workforce with the skills employers need now and in the future. 

Programs in high-demand and emerging fields available at the center include Computer Information Technology programs like Cybersecurity Support and Software Development; Culinary programs like Baking & Pastry Arts and Foodservice & Restaurant Management; and Skilled Trades programs like Mechatronics and Additive Manufacturing. 

At CEIT, students in these programs benefit from hands-on experience with state-of-the-art kitchen laboratories and the specialized facilities used in Industry 4.0, including 3D printing, computer numerical control (CNC) machining, machine learning, and robotics and automation.

By fully integrating workforce development with industry-recognized credentials and credit degrees, CCAC is providing our students with job-ready training as well as educational pathways designed for lifelong career success. 

The center also showcases a number of works of art displayed throughout the building's public spaces. The collection features many pieces from artists with ties to the college, the city or both. Beginning in the spring of 2024, individuals interested in learning more about the collection may undertake self-guided tours during the center's open hours of operation or view the collection's catalogue. Electronic versions of the self-guided tour map and catalog will be available to download in February 2024.



Cutting-Edge Technology

As a leading provider of industry-driven career education and workforce training programs, CCAC invests in state-of-the-art facilities, from high-tech laboratories to immersive learning environments. This commitment is epitomized at CEIT, whose facilities include capabilities like the following.

3D Printing

3D printing has become an integral part of production technology across almost every type of industry. Also called additive manufacturing, the process transforms digital models into physical objects by layering polymers into a finished product. From medical supplies to architectural renderings to consumer products like toys and furniture, more and more fields have come to rely on this technology—and those with the skills to implement it.

At CEIT, students in CCAC's Mechatronics programs use SolidWorks software to design products from scratch, then bring them to life using our state-of-the-art Dremel and Stratasys 3D printers.

Computer Networking Technology Lab

In a world that's ever more connected, networking has become a critical technical skill. Computers across virtually every industry are networked in complex configurations of modems, hubs, switches and other electronics. Thanks to CEIT's network operations center (NOC), including rack-mounted Dell servers and Cisco networking equipment, students apply the principles of computer networking through hands-on experience.

Computer Numerical Control Machining

Nothing beats the precision and versatility of computer numerical control (CNC) machining. That's why the process is critical for producing parts used in fields like aerospace and telecommunications. Unlike additive manufacturing, which builds objects from polymers, CNC machining shapes items from raw materials as diverse as metal, wood, glass and composites.

CCAC's top-of-the-line EMCO equipment and Logic Trace software enable Mechatronics students to practice designing industry-standard parts using the same tools and materials they'll encounter on the job.

Machine Learning

In machine learning, skilled programmers enlist their equipment's ability to solve problems more efficiently than humans could on their own. By parsing large data sets, machines can efficiently find patterns and make predictions that inform their next actions. Machine learning uses principles related to artificial intelligence and applies them to real-world problems in manufacturing and logistics. But no matter how powerful machine learning becomes, it's only effective in the hands of human learners like the CCAC students who study it at CEIT.

Robotics & Automation

Robotics and automation is a rapidly growing field, with many opportunities for employment and innovation. As technology continues to advance, robots and automated systems are becoming increasingly important in industries such as manufacturing, health care, logistics and agriculture, among others.

Automation technicians design, install and maintain equipment used in modern industrial processes. They work on a wide range of systems, from the simplest fuses and motors to sophisticated electronic computer interface boards, motor drives, programmable logic controllers, solid-state devices and robotics. At CEIT, students work on industry-standard equipment from FESTO, Universal Robotics and Johnson Controls.

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) empower users to study materials at nanoscale—down to one billionth of a meter. This reveals textures and characteristics far beyond the abilities of the familiar compound microscope, enabling design and manufacturing professionals to analyze and improve their products in a variety of applications. Using CCAC's SEM, students can perfect their research skills, making them desirable candidates in multiple growing fields.

State-of-the-Art Kitchen Laboratories

CEIT boasts three all-new kitchen laboratories that were custom designed to provide Culinary students with an authentic professional working environment. Plus, they link directly to a complete dining room, enabling students to put their skills to the test by staging their own pop-up restaurants.


Meaningful Industry Partnerships

As part of CCAC's mission to remain at the vanguard of technology and the job market, the college partners with a number of industry leaders. These partnerships ensure that our programs provide the region with a knowledgeable, skilled workforce by preparing students for the careers of tomorrow.

While some of these partnerships extend across campuses and centers, CEIT's facilities are specially designed to give students and educators access to the latest equipment and real-world conditions. Here are a few of the college's technology-focused partnerships and the incredible opportunities they offer CCAC students.


CCAC is a proud member of the Advanced Manufacturing Council, actively participating in nationwide efforts to make the U.S. more competitive in the global marketplace. This council brings together thought leaders from across manufacturing-related fields to develop and execute a strategic vision for the industry's future, including training tomorrow's experts through programs like those at CEIT.

BNY Mellon isn't just the world's largest securities services company—it's an active CCAC partner. High schoolers from across Allegheny County can get a head start on their college education in our BNY Mellon Early College Program, which is fully funded by a generous grant from the BNY Mellon Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania. And for those high school graduates who attend CCAC to pursue a full degree in Computer Information Technology, BNY Mellon offers exclusive internships through the BNY Mellon START UP Program that provide a path for students to learn from real-world mentors in the field of financial technology. 


In partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, CCAC has received one of 14 Future of Work grants from the U.S. National Science Foundation. The project team is investigating how a framework developed by learning scientists can be used to align knowledge components in the college's Computer Information Technology courses with the most effective AI-driven educational technologies to enhance and accelerate learning.

This nonprofit organization serves as the official representative of German trade in Western Pennsylvania, connecting the greater Pittsburgh region with an international network of government offices and industry connections. Through our collaboration, CCAC facilitates apprenticeships in Mechatronics and Additive Manufacturing, which provide participants with on-the-job training that often leads directly to employment.

Launched in partnership with Google and TalentSprint, TechWise is a program that empowers students from underrepresented groups to prepare for high-growth tech careers. Participating students benefit from an AI-powered learning platform and mentorship by Google employees—plus 100% tuition coverage and a $5,000 scholarship. CCAC is one of just a handful of community colleges nationwide to offer TechWise since the program's launch in 2022.

Since it was founded in Pittsburgh over 20 years ago, Schell Games has been an industry leader in multimedia design and game development. It's also partnered with CCAC to sponsor a unique apprenticeship program for students in our Multimedia Programming, Simulation & Gaming program.

As thought leaders and passionate teachers, our faculty are always seeking new opportunities for students, even beyond the classroom. That's how, in 2023, CCAC became one of just three colleges across the country to win a competitive research spot aboard a rocket to the International Space Station for astronauts to conduct our students' experiment in microgravity. This success has paved the way for continuing participation in the future, providing CCAC students with out-of-this-world extracurricular challenges.


Computer Information Technology Programs

  • Cybersecurity & IT Support Specialist, A.S.
  • Cybersecurity Support Specialist, Certificate
  • Software Development, A.S.
  • Software Development, Certificate
  • Network Support Specialist, Certificate
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Culinary Arts Programs

  • Baking & Pastry Arts, A.S.
  • Culinary Arts, A.S.
  • Culinary Basics, Certificate
  • Foodservice & Restaurant Management, A.S.
Learn more about Culinary Arts programs

Mechatronics Technology Programs

  • Building Automation Systems, A.S.
  • Mechatronics, A.S.
  • Mechatronics, Certificate
  • Polymer Technology, Certificate
  • Sales Engineer, Certificate
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Industry Certifications

As an NC3Start School, CCAC offers certificate programs that are designed and validated by industry leaders, including Festo, Trane and the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. CCAC awards these certifications on behalf of partners such as:

  • National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3)
  • Universal Robots

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