Who are the Resource Navigators?

CCAC Resource Navigators are part of CCAC's Student Services and work as a point of contact to help students overcome barriers outside the classroom by connecting them to on campus and off campus resources.

The Resource Navigators have assisted over 1000 students with referrals to community resources such as (but not limited to) Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Poise Foundation, Internet Essentials and Computer Reach.



Student Emergency GAP Fund & Essential Needs Services

CCAC offers a number of support programs for students who are experiencing financial hardship. This interest and application form is available to all students and is used by the CCAC Resource Navigators to help connect you to college and community resources. There are many reasons to complete the form and speak with a Navigator but some of the most frequent are:

  • You are experiencing financial hardship and need to apply for a GAP Emergency Fund Scholarship or Book Scholarship.
  • You are struggling to afford food or feel uneasy about where your next meal will come from.
  • You would like get connected to resources to help you afford your rent, utilities or childcare.
  • You would like to learn more about college resources such as the Campus Cupboards, Clothing Closet and transportation cards.
Apply Now

The Student GAP Emergency Fund is designed to increase student learner success by providing financial assistance to students experiencing financial hardship, which may prohibit them from continuing their education at CCAC. This is an award of up to $500 per semester and a total of $1,000 in a lifetime. A candidate may reapply in subsequent semesters.

Circumstances may vary widely, requiring a student to apply for the Student Emergency GAP Fund. These circumstances may include such varied events as the loss of a job halfway through a final semester, the sudden inability to afford child care required to attend classes, or being able to afford tuition but having difficulty financing the purchase of books.

Who is Eligible?

  • To be eligible for the CCAC Student Emergency GAP Fund, an applicant must meet the following criteria:
  • be a current CCAC student enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0;
  • have completed the college's financial aid application process(FAFSA);
  • be degree or certificate-seeking; and
  • be in good behavioral and financial standing with the college
  • Have supporting documentation that is equal to or greater than the requested amount




Contact Resource Navigators


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