About the Act 48 Academy

CCAC, a Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved provider, is a convenient and affordable option for Pennsylvania-certified teachers to complete their Act 48 continuing professional education requirements.

CCAC supports area teachers who are looking for meaningful and enriching ways to comply with Pennsylvania's Act 48. Teachers can take any credit course offered by CCAC—provided that the course complies with the district's strategic Act 48 plan. The state of Pennsylvania accepts successful completion of one credit of coursework as 30 hours of Act 48 training.

The Act 48 Academy at CCAC offers courses designed for teachers in a variety of formats, including accelerated, hybrid (web enhanced) and online learning options. Act 48 courses for continuing professional education are offered at many of our convenient locations.

CCAC can also create sections of courses specifically designed for your district, or for a group of teachers interested in the same course. Classes can be held at your location. Contact the campus or center nearest you for more information regarding Act 48 continuing professional education. One CCAC credit is accepted as 30 Act 48 hours, so your Act 48 requirements can be completed quickly.

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 412.237.3074 if you have a question about submitting your completed courses to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Enrollment Instructions

Step 1

Apply to CCAC using the online application on CCAC Central e-Services. When selecting a program, use "089-Act-48 Gen Studies - licensed teachers only."

The online application will email you, within ten minutes, a confirmation of the information you submitted.

CCAC will send you an acceptance letter by U.S. Postal Service or by email depending on what you request on the application. You can continue this enrollment process without waiting for the letter.

Step 2

Meet with the Act 48 coordinator in your school district to select courses appropriate to that district. If you are not currently teaching for a specific school district, contact the district in which you live for recommendations on coursework for Act 48.

Step 3

You must meet all CCAC prerequisites for the course you choose.

Step 4

You can register by mail, in person or online (only if you have already taken coursework at CCAC, especially the prerequisite work for the course requested).

Click the tabs to the right to see more specific instructions for each of these options.

Download and complete the CCAC registration form. Include an unofficial copy of your transcript if you are taking a course with prerequisites stated in the course description. Mail to the campus or center you wish to attend.

You can register at any of CCAC's campuses and centers. If you are registering for a course that has prerequisites, bring an unofficial transcript. Check the site you will be attending for registration hours.

Students who have previously taken the prerequisite course/courses at CCAC for their current registration may register online. (The online system will be checking those prerequisites). Students not meeting those conditions will need to register by mail or in person as described above.

  • Students must satisfy all tuition and fees (generally at the time of registration). CCAC accepts several forms of payment.
  • CCAC does not mail grades to students. Act 48 students need to establish an account on CCAC Central e-Services to secures grades at the end of the term (or class).
  • CCAC staff will report credit hours for all students with passing grades who are identified in program "089-Act-48 - General Studies - licensed teachers only." Teachers who do not see their course work on the PDE website, within two weeks after the end of the class, should call Academic Management at 412.237.3074 to check on posting of the credit.
  • If a teacher is pursuing a degree or certificate at CCAC, they should keep the program code for that program, but call Academic Management to be sent to the PDE.
  • Act 48 students need to set up an account on the Pennsylvania Department of Education web site www.pde.state.pa.us to view courses already reported (from CCAC and any other institution the student attended).

Act 48 Courses

See the full listing of Act 48 courses available at CCAC.

Course List