Information Technology Services (ITS) is here to support your college studies by providing access to software applications, online tools and other CCAC technology related resources. Many of the applications and tools can be accessed through a single account, your CCAC NetID. The ITS department provides students the resources they need to be successful, such as computers, printers, apps, Microsoft 365 (Office) and more. Technical assistance is also provided by the ITS department thought the ITS ServiceDesk. 


Need Technology Help?

Technology Support

ITS is here to support your college studies by providing access to software applications, online tools and other resources. The CCAC ITS ServiceDesk is available seven days a week to support your technology needs and questions. Use the contact information listed below to reach the ITS ServiceDesk by calling, emailing or chatting. The Help Center is a central location to search for and read documentation that includes answers to frequently asked questions, how-to-guides, and troubleshooting instructions.

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Technology Policies

The Community College of Allegheny County provides computing and networking services to members of the College community and other specified clients. Access to and use of computing and networking resources are privileges limited to authorized users and for approved purposes only. Students using college computers and applications should be aware of CCAC policies regarding network access and technology use.

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Outages & Notifications

In order to maintain and secure the college's technology services and applications, ITS will maintain a planned maintenance schedule. The schedule was developed through benchmarking with similar community colleges across the state and country; review of academic calendars to avoid important dates; and discussed with current cross- functional college committees.

CCAC students and employees will receive email about the planned outages or affected services. For unscheduled outages and unexpected issues, you may receive email or text message notifications. 

Technology Information

ITS provides applications and services to support students, including email, CCAC Self-Service, Blackboard, Wi-Fi on campus, Microsoft 365 (Office) for personal use and MyCCAC access. Students will need a CCAC NetID to access these services.

Student Laptop Loaner Program

CCAC offers laptops to students in need of technology assistance through the Dean of Students. The laptops are on loan to the students for the duration of their CCAC education. ITS only services these laptops when there is a technical issue.

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Technology Support

The ITS ServiceDesk will provide support for the technology categories listed below. If you are using a technology product not included here, we may make a "best effort" to answer questions but cannot commit to full resolution or fulfilling your request.

NetID Account
CCAC Self-Service
Academic Email through Outlook
Mobile devices and tablets
Internet browsers
Microsoft 365 (Office)
Virus and security
Single Sign-On
CCAC Web Applications
Windows 10 Operating System

  • Home computers or personal laptops or PCs: ITS staff cannot work on laptops nor give advice on fixing hardware and software problems on personal computers.
  • Chromebooks or devices with ChromeOS
  • Extended assistance with homework assignments: Students will be referred to Tutoring Services or their instructor.
  • Hardware and software that is outside CCAC standards.
  • Third-party software not maintained by the college, i.e., Jobs at CCAC, Brainfuse, textbook publishers software, etc.

Computer resources are available at all CCAC locations to all CCAC students. The CCAC libraries are also equipped with computers, printers and scanners, and have the necessary software to complete coursework.

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Multifunctional printers, both black & white and color, are available at all CCAC locations to CCAC students and employees. Students are allocated a set dollar amount, per semester, for printing. They are able to add more funds if necessary.

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Technology Information

Your CCAC NetID Account identifies you to the CCAC network and allows you to access a variety of resources, applications and services.Without a CCAC NetID, you cannot log in or use any campus PC or CCAC network resources. Most CCAC applications are web-based, (MyCCAC portal, Blackboard, CCAC email, CCAC Self-Service, etc.) and may be accessed on your home computer or mobile device as long as you have an internet connection.

CCAC NetID Account creation is available once you are given a 7-digit student number and accepted into the college. You will receive an email from the ITS ServiceDesk letting you know you are able to create your account. This account is limited to specific CCAC applications, you will not have a CCAC email account.

Once you have registered for classes,  you will automatically receive another email letting you know your account has full access to all CCAC applications and will have an active CCAC email address.

You will have access to your CCAC email once you receive the email letting you know your NetID account has full access. The college will send communications to your CCAC email address, not your personal email. You can also access your email through the Outlook App, Outlook website and CCAC Go! mobile app.

Use your CCAC NetID username and password to log on to your email account. Your CCAC email address will be in the format

Click here for assistance with accessing your academic email account.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) was signed into law on Aug. 14, 2008. Final regulations were issued on Oct. 29, 2009. Enforcement of the HEOA provisions formally began July 1, 2010, and all colleges and universities are required to make a good-faith effort at compliance. Several sections of the HEOA deal with unauthorized file sharing on campus networks, imposing three general requirements on all U.S. colleges and universities. You can access the HEOA information on our policy page.

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CCAC provides two wireless networks, CCAC-Guest and CCAC-Wireless. ITS strongly recommends that CCAC community members (students and employees) use CCAC-Wireless. CCAC-Wireless uses strong encryption that serves to protect your information from unauthorized interception and viewing. A valid CCAC NetID Account will be required to connect. 

Learn how to connect to CCAC-Wireless

Microsoft 365 (Office) is available to currently enrolled CCAC students. Microsoft 365 (Office) includes access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and more, plus access to 1 TB of free storage on OneDrive. Microsoft 365 (Office) can be installed on a personal device, mobile device or through the web browser.

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ITS Mission, Philosophy, Goals and Objectives

Our Mission

The mission of Information Technology Services (ITS) is to provide the following to College constituents:

  • A technology-rich environment for teaching and learning in both on-campus college facilities and the virtual campus
  • Technology tools that enable collaboration and improve productivity in academic and business operations
  • Robust database and web applications for student services and business analytics
  • Comprehensive support system and training services for students, faculty and staff
    A reliable and secure infrastructure to support these technologies​

Our Philosophy of Service

In order to accomplish our mission, the ITS Department has adopted this philosophy of service:

  • We are here to support the teaching/learning process and the College's business operations.
  • We are here to deploy the right resources to help individuals become more productive and reduce downtime.
  • We will speak with one voice to educate the college community about our services.
  • We will resolve problems and fulfill service requests in a timely manner with professionalism and courtesy.
  • We will take every opportunity to demonstrate, explain and provide insights on technology with our clients.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Enhance teaching and learning through information technology
  • Provide necessary technology infrastructure to enhance productivity, collaboration and communication
  • Provide stewardship and coordination in evaluating and implementing technology at the College
  • Provide students and staff access to the College's teaching and learning resources regardless of time and place
  • Improve technology support services and learning tools for students and employees
  • Improve security of the College's electronic resources
  • Enhance and expand the use of existing and new technology for administrative operation​

Our Department's Objectives

CCAC will increase academic success, college completion and equity in the region by providing every student with the motivation and support they need to achieve their individual goals.
  1. Scale up initiatives, including systems, procedures and policies that have been shown to increase student engagement, persistence and success.
  2. Support and encourage faculty innovation and curricular redesign to support student goal attainment.
  3. Place students on clear pathways to achieving their individual goals, including degree completion and transfer.
  4. Connect students with caring and effective support services.
  5. Develop physical and virtual learning environments that improve student success.
CCAC will become a global learning community that stands on the pillars of proactive, intentional access, inclusion, diversity, social justice and respect to positively impact the vitality of the region.
  1. Develop an approach to enrollment management that eliminates all institutional barriers to access and places every student on an intentional pathway to success.
  2. Help underserved individuals understand how to attend college and access the support services they need.
  3. Expand the participation and success of minority and disadvantaged students in the college.
  4. Develop programs and services that prepare students to succeed in a global society.
  5. Strengthen our culture of inclusion through professional development and continued growth in the diversity of all employee groups.
CCAC will become the region's premier provider of workforce training and increase prosperity and opportunity throughout the region by preparing individuals to meet the emerging workforce needs of the community and employers.
  1. Promote upward mobility for students by developing specific career pathways to the region's high demand occupational clusters.
  2. Use labor market information and understanding of employers' needs to design instructions and career pathways for students.
  3. Prepare students for the modern workplace by incorporating work-based, hands on internships, work-study, apprenticeships and clinical placements into students' learning experiences.
  4. Develop community and employer partnerships to help close the region's skills gap.
  5. Align equipment, facilities and instructional methods with the regions workforce needs.
CCAC will incorporate innovative uses of technology to advance the delivery of instruction and services and to support the region's 21st century economy.
  1. Support and enhance teaching and learning, student success and completion by providing faculty and employees with innovative technology solutions.
  2. Develop the infrastructure needed to prepare students for the region's 21st century jobs.
  3. Enable students, the community and employees to engage the college in a stable and secure digital environment.​
  4. Improve communications and administrative systems to drive college operations, enrollment management, collaboration, productivity and process improvement.
  5. Provide support and training services to ensure the effective use of technology by all constituencies.

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Normal Operating Hours

SU 12:00PM - 8:00PM 
M-TH 7:00AM - 8:00PM
F 7:00AM - 5:00PM
S 8:00AM - 3:00PM