About the Deans of Students

The role of the Dean of Students is to ensure that appropriate resources and opportunities exist to support our students' success. The Deans work with a wide variety of student services to provide opportunities for student learning and development, in academic courses and through extra-curricular activities. The Deans of Students work in conjunction with our college faculty to provide a supportive, learner-centered environment. See the boxes below for more information about some of the departments and programs within the Deans of Students. Please review the CCAC Guide to Services for a comprehensive overview of the resources and opportunities available to all CCAC students.



Contact Form

Have a question? Need help? The Deans of Students are here to assist. Please use the contact form below to provide us with some information about your question or concern. The Deans of Students share responsibility for responding to your questions and comments and will respond to you in a timely manner. Please understand that complex issues may require additional time for responses.

Please note that if your question or statements involve concerns about academic matters such as grades and course requirements, you should first speak with your instructor. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information.



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We Are Here To Help!

If you have experienced a challenge or roadblock that will keep you from achieving your goals, please contact us immediately. We can assist with both academic and nonacademic challenges such as:

  • Struggling in classes or with exams
  • Thinking about withdrawing from a course
  • Figuring out Blackboard or other IT systems
  • Affording college expenses (e.g., books, childcare, transportation)
  • Worrying about having enough food for yourself or your family
  • Balancing school with work, family & other commitments

Connect with us by emailing CARE@ccac.edu or calling 412-237-HOPE.

For more information about the Student Emergency GAP Fund and other basic needs services, please visit the Resource Navigator webpage or complete the Student Emergency Aid, Technology & Essential Needs Form.


Student Handbook

CCAC's Student Handbook is a helpful guide for all students to refer to concerning services for students, academic information, policies and regulations, and general information.

All students are responsible for knowing and being familiar with the policies in the student handbook.

Read the Student Handbook