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The Career & Technical Education (CTE) Student Support Team delivers services designed to help students enrolled in the college's career and technical programs earn better grades, remain in school, and graduate with the skills necessary to pursue employment in current or emerging high-priority technical professions. CCAC's technical programs include diploma, certificate and associate degree programs that combine challenging academic and technical courses to prepare students for the workforce.

The CTE Student Support Team helps students navigate their way through the college experience while developing their academic and personal skills. We also connect students with a host of other free college services to help them achieve their academic goals.

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Transferring from a CTC (Career & Technical Center)

Students who have completed programs at regional secondary Career and Technical Centers may earn college credit in a related program at the Community College of Allegheny County. Made possible through the Perkins Career & Technical Education Grant, CCAC has established credit transfer (articulation) agreements that allow well-qualified Career & Technical high school graduates the opportunity to earn between 3 and 12 college credits for the programs they completed in high school. For details and application procedures, see Transfer From Secondary CTC (Career & Technical Centers).

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Workshops & Presentations

The Career & Technical Education Student Support Team is available to conduct classroom workshops or presentations at faculty request. Topics can vary from a general introduction to CTE student services to specific workshops for developing academic skills, including time management and effective study habits. Please feel free to contact us with a request—if we don't already have a workshop or presentation built for your requested topic, we'll develop one!


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Career Services & Job Readiness

The Career Services & Job Readiness Department, partially funded by the Perkins Grant, provides students and graduates with a variety of tools, resources and services to help them prepare for future careers. To learn more about Career Services & Job Readiness, visit their webpage with the link below.

Career Services & Job Readiness

Career Coach

With Career Coach, you can search for careers based on your CCAC program or search for CCAC programs based on your dream job.

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Nontraditional Career Students

The CTE Student Support Team works to support gender equity across all career pathways, including "nontraditional careers." Nontraditional careers are those occupations in which one gender comprises less than 25% of the current workforce. For example, Health Information Technology careers are primarily held by women, whereas software development and union trades occupations are typically held by men. There are many reasons why a student might pursue a nontraditional career:

  • Higher wage potential and benefits that contribute to economic self-sufficiency
  • The satisfaction of choosing a career based on skills, aptitudes, interests and abilities rather than conforming to gender norms
  • Greater opportunities for employment and advancement

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CTE Programs by Category



Perkins Career & Technical Education Grant

The CTE Student Support Team is funded by the federal Perkins Career & Technical Education Grant. The Perkins Grant provides funding to CCAC for student support staff, instructional equipment and professional development to help Career & Technical Education students earn better grades, remain in school, and graduate with the skills necessary to pursue employment in current or emerging high priority technical professions while supporting gender equity across all career pathways.

Due to federal grant guidelines, the CTE Student Support Team cannot assist students with developmental coursework. Furthermore, the Perkins Grant does not provide funds directly to students, but instead funds initiatives designed to help Career & Technical Education students succeed.

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