Why Choose General Studies & Liberal Arts?

CCAC offers flexible and comprehensive General Studies & Liberal Arts programs appropriate for students who want to begin their college studies by taking classes in a number of core subject areas with the goal of gaining a college credential. General Studies graduates move into the workforce or transfer to four-year colleges and universities to pursue the Bachelor's degree.

The Liberal Arts degree is especially designed for students on a transfer track. As a University Parallel program, it provides the freshman and sophomore foundations of a baccalaureate degree. Students should select specialized courses within their major field of concentration as identified by their transfer college or university.

General Studies, A.S. (089.2)

This program provides a balanced and flexible curriculum as well as a foundation for exploration and pre-program coursework. It positions students for success in a variety of fields/careers or transfer pathways and communicates to employers and four-year institutions that graduates are knowledgeable individuals capable of making informed decisions. Students should select courses for a personalized plan of study in support of their individual goals.

Liberal Arts and Sciences A.S. (006.2)

This University Parallel Program provides the first and second year foundations for successful transfer towards a baccalaureate degree at a four-year college or university. Students should select specialized courses that align with their intended program of study at their identified transfer institution. Students are encouraged to meet with a transfer counselor to effectively design a plan for successful transfer into a program/discipline at a four-year institution.

General Education, Certificate (085)

This certificate provides college courses to promote competency in English composition, mathematics, analytical reasoning, cultural diversity and computer literacy. These courses cultivate valuable workplace skills and knowledge of the world essential for careers in the 21st century. This certificate also provides a basic building block for many Associate degree programs at the College.

General Studies Courses

CCAC currently has numerous General Studies classes that will be a great addition to any degree!

If you're interested in General Studies, check out our General Studies associate degree!

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