About Navigate

Navigate is a new system that links CCAC's students, faculty, advisors and staff in a collaborative effort to help our students as they "navigate" their way through college starting with registration, schedule and meet with advisors and staff, locate college resources and other tasks that lead to graduation.

Navigate is an easy way to view Student Profile & Information, submit Early Alerts (FSAs) and address Mid-Term Alerts/Semester Progress Reports.

Get Started With Navigate

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For Students
Launching in Fall 2023
For Faculty
From a web browser, go to Navigate

Enter Login Information

Enter you CCAC Username and Password

Sign In

Click the Sign In button

Go to Homepage

You will then be taken to your Navigate Home


Faculty Login

Faculty log in here to respond to progress report requests, submit an alert or refer a student to college resources.

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Questions? Contact:

Mary Utter, Ph.D.