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Hidden Gems

In college, there are the classes you have to take. But sometimes, there are classes you want to take. Take a look at some classes we like to call "Hidden Gems." These are lesser known or unique classes that offer students a course off the beaten path. Many of these classes are electives, so you might be able to fit them into your program of study.

Every other week throughout the year, we will feature a new "gem" on the website homepage. Keep an eye out for these special classes! And if you have an idea or a class you'd like to see featured, let us know by emailing the CCAC Marketing Department.


ALH 140–Medical Terminology

As an aspiring health care professional, you can get your career off to a strong start by mastering medical terminology.

MAT 106–Mathematics for Health Sciences

This is a specialized course purposely designed for students earning an associate degree in one of the health fields and covers essential real-life medical applications.

ETH 207–Separate and Unequal: The Continuing Story of Discrimination in America

In this course, you will examine discrimination, bias and prejudice. You may be surprised to learn that discriminatory practices harm the United States as a world leader and as an economic power.

Hidden Gems: ENG 223 – Science Fiction

In this course, you will read short stories and novels within the science fiction genre. The readings are drawn from various eras and subgenres and include works of historically excluded authors.

Hidden Gems: ENG 207 – African American Literature

By taking a deep dive into the multifaceted lens through which African American writers have viewed the American experience, you will explore the complexities of African American identity and how it has been shaped by historical events, cultural norms and political movements.

HIS 219 - History of Women

Women's history tells the story of our nation's past from a wider perspective. It doesn't rewrite history - rather, it expands the focus of history to include the activities and contributions of women from all walks of life, from different eras and different backgrounds.