Reporting Forms for Campus Incidents and Concerns

The Student Academic Complaint Procedure is available to students who have concerns about academic matters such as, but not limited to, course requirements and grades. 

If a student feels as though they have been discriminated against related to a protected class such as their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability or any other discrimination, they should fill out the form under Civil Rights and Title IX.

Student Academic Complaint Form

Faculty should use this form to document and report both informal and formal academic misconduct violations as outlined in the Student Handbook. Please attach supporting documentation and a copy of the course syllabus to the submission.

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Report Civil Rights/Title IX allegations or concerns, including discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct (sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking). In the event of an emergency, call Campus Security.

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The CCAC Student Code of Behavioral Conduct is designed to uphold the policies of the Student Code of Conduct if a student is accused of violating campus policies.

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The CARES Team (Coordinated Assistance, Resources & Extra Support) can assist students who are experiencing a crisis or exhibiting concerning behavior. Examples of concerns include a student mental or physical health issue, financial or material need, and home or family concerns In the event of an Emergency call Campus Security.

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