Why Communication Arts?

Communication is an integral goal for all degree programs at CCAC. Our English, Developmental Studies and Speech courses help students employ written and oral communication skills in order to convey clear and organized information to target audiences for specific purposes.


American Sign Language–English Interpreting, A.S. (915.3)

This comprehensive program prepares students for rewarding careers in interpreting, with an educational philosophy that centers on providing students with the superior language skills and ethical competencies needed by today's interpreters. Students learn the skills necessary to become proficient American Sign Language professionals through foundational interpreting courses, observations in the field and practicum placement. Graduates will be prepared to take the Pennsylvania Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment.

American Sign Language, Certificate (912.5)

The certificate in American Sign Language (ASL) provides language training and cultural enrichment for people who wish to learn ASL and the uniqueness of deaf culture. This program will not prepare students to become interpreters but is designed to introduce students to the language and culture. This program is particularly useful for parents of deaf children and students pursuing careers in fields such as allied health, nursing, early childhood education and teaching, where clients may be deaf. The program is designed to allow students to complement their degrees with an ASL certificate offered as a part-time program. This certificate also serves as the language foundation and prerequisite for the associate degree's American Sign Language–English Interpreting training program.

TESOL Certificate, Diploma (659) 

The English Department offers a specialized certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Designed for students interested in teaching English abroad or moving on to undergraduate/graduate work in linguistics, the certificate provides you with a foundational core of concepts and training that allows you to pursue these goals.

This degree is offered 100% online.


CCAC currently offers 26 English courses. These courses include English Composition 1 and 2, which teach college-level writing; literature courses that span all time periods and genres; degree-based courses; ESL courses; and creative writing courses.

For those who have a deeper interest in English, check out our Liberal Arts associate degree.

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English as an Academic Language

CCAC currently offers numerous English as an Academic Language courses. 

For those who have a deeper interest in English as an Academic Language, check out our Liberal Arts associate degree

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CCAC currently offers three Speech courses. These courses will help students prepare and be more confident when delivering a wide variety of speeches. 

For those who have a deeper interest in Speech, check out our Liberal Arts associate degree.

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Critical Reading (formerly Developmental Studies)

CCAC currently offers several Critical Reading (CRE) classes.

For those who have a deeper interest in Critical Reading, check out our Liberal Arts associate degree.

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