Four-Hour Flagger Training & Certification Course

There is always high demand for flaggers in the construction field. A Flagger is the most important job on the worksite. They protect not only workers but also pedestrians and drivers.

Being a flagger is a blend of technique, communication and being alert. Becoming a flagger can also be your first foot in the door to the construction field.

This four-hour certification course will provide you with the skill set to be a safe and effective flagger. Upon completion of this course you will receive your certification that will last for four years.


Course Objectives

In this four-hour course, participants meet the following objectives:

  • Learn how to be a safe and effective flagger.
  • Understand why proper flagger operations are important.
  • Learn the standard skillset of a good flagger.
  • Apply standard flagger control references.
  • Identify proper flagging signals and procedures.
  • Learn standard flagger practices for various situations.

As Certified Flagger Instructors through ATSSA, our expert instructors teach you everything you need to know pertaining to Traffic Control Safety. Training is interactive and informative and each participant will receive a Flagger Handbook and Workbook.


Registration Options

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Reggie Overton

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