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Hidden Gems: BUS 240 Small Business Management

A neon open-for-business sign with a blue oval and red letters.

A neon open-for-business sign with a blue oval and red letters.

Are you interested in starting your own small business or learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur? If so, BUS 240–Small Business Management may be perfect for you! This course focuses on the challenges of managing a small business, providing you with tools for analyzing financial issues, ethical considerations and marketing techniques.

During your time in BUS 240, you will learn how to effectively create a business plan, which is a requirement for any prospective entrepreneur. You will also delve into prominent themes that include various forms of ownership, the ins and outs of franchise operations, what to consider when starting up or buying out an existing business, and how to assess financial requirements. In addition, you will explore human resources practices, supply chain management, site selection and accounting requirements—all critical aspects of successful small businesses.

The expertise you gain from this course will help you make more informed decisions about starting or growing your business and will better prepare you for managerial positions or roles as skilled entrepreneurs in small businesses.

This is an exciting opportunity to explore the world of small business management and entrepreneurship. Sign up now and take the first step toward turning your business dreams into reality!